Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ipad App Review: Zoo Train

This app is gonna be a huge hit with our cousin Nicholas. He LOVES trains! It has great sound effects and music..
It has 5 sections so it will keep a little one pretty busy
A puzzle page:
This is my favorite page. The whistles they can play them themselves like a keyboard or they can touch the pictures below for classics like "Row, Row , row your boat "
They can compose their own train of all the different carts and then drive it.
Word Puzzles
Puzzles out of train tracks

It is a great app for 3 year olds and up ! Lots of pretty pictures and noises. Peebs enjoys it even though he can't play it himself, he likes to watch me to do it so he can hear all the noises.

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jenn said...

Nicholas just saw these pics and is VERY UPSET that he didn't get to play with the Ipad today... We will be back soon!

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