Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Parenthood : First Year Regrets and Rejoices...

In celebration of Baby Fenn's turning one I have tried to do a few posts relating to the first year. Here is a list of choices that I made during that year that I either regret or am proud of. A bottom line sort of list;

  1. I regret the way I did his baby book/scrapbook. I wish that I had a blank book and could put a picture on the left or a photo collage and then on the right side talk about what that week was like. So it would be the 1st year week by week. I did make notes each week on my iphone and love reading over those, so interesting. These are the details I wish I knew about Bubs as a baby, so maybe Peebs (or his future wife yikes) will appreciate having those details. I emailed a copy to his little email account for the future. What I did with his scrapbook was make a themed page like "1st doctor visit" "1st bath" etc
  2.  SCHEDULES! Everyone tried to tell me and I was too hard headed and soft hearted. I wish around 3 months I would have made a strict schedule and started CIO. He has done so much better with a schedule that now I can see how it would have been helpful earlier on. I'm just not a planning person and don't do well with that sort of thing.
  3. I am very happy that we decided to use cloth diapers. I have really enjoyed it and found it to be much easier than I anticipated and it is def something I will do with my future children. 
  4. Making his baby food was probably my single best mom decision. The reason for that is, besides it being much healthier and cheaper, it also was good practice for eating foods of different textures and learning about flavors. I didn't mix his foods up because I thought it was important for him to be familiar with taste of each thing so it would be familiar when he started eating table food. He has never had any issues with food texture, but also has always been a very good eater so that could just be his personality?
  5. I am so glad we got that ipad! We have used it a ton to entertain him in tight spots like car rides and restaurants. Judge if you must, I promise it won't hurt my feelings! 
  6. I regret that we did not do CRY IT OUT at 4 months. I think that was the appropriate time and it would have been easier and better for everyone had we just done it.
  7. Nursery Bedding. This is def an area I could have skimped in or put little time into. You are constantly changing out all of the bedding stuff so it never looks like it does when you first get it all out. I think it is better to keep that a simple solid color and use other details for room decoration, like curtains. All I ever really needed for his bed was a sheet.
  8. In the beginning everything Erik did with the baby made me so nervous, and still sometimes I tell him, "don't do that!" or "be gentle!" etc but the truth is daddies do things differently and that is OK. It is only natural and is good for the babe. Glad I finally let that go so my boys can have quality shirtless man time and stuff like that HA
  9. I regret letting him eat processed junk food. My thinking on that was that moderation is fine and he eats very healthy so it will be fine. WRONG. He took one bite of a cheesy puff and is hooked. Now he only wants to eat junk food and not his meals. 
  10. I really REALLY love having the playroom. I should have done that straight away too. It is so nice having a space where he can run wild and I don't have to worry about him getting hurt or getting into things. It is also great at the end of each day to go to our normal ( and clean) living room without having bright colored plastic staring at us!
  11. From the beginning i had a lot of worry or wasted thought on what the future would hold for breastfeeding. I was worried that he would never give them up, how I would dry up my milk etc. Turns out he weaned himself and they naturally produced less and less so I never had to worry about either. Taking things day by day is the best way I think. You can never predict what your baby will do.
  12. Keep Your Mouth shut. I have been eating crow since my boy was born, and I know plenty of other moms who should learn this lesson also. Before the baby comes, it is easy to read all those books and have an ideal world and scenario planned out in your head, but once that baby gets here , YOUR baby, all objectivity is removed and most of your rational mind as well. You really just never know what that situation will be like till you are in it, be it birth, discipline, eating .... whatever. 
  13. Bottles. Why oh WHY did I let my boy get away from the bottle . It was never intentional, I was just being lazy and was at home a lot for few weeks so no one else ever needed to feed him and I was too lazy to pump , Next thing you know, he reuses to take bottles, and then zippy cups. If it ain't from a boob, he wants NOTHING to do with it. This went on for months. The only reason we turned that corner was because he got a stomach virus and I was no longer breastfeeding so he was desperate for liquids and finally started learning a sippy cup... at 12 mos. With my next baby I will be giving paci, and bottle regularly.


Carolyn Lackey said...

Love your list and your honesty! I should make a list about regret/proud list for raising my teenagers. It would be 5 miles long...

Cory Holder said...

Good list! Next go around I want to do some type of scrapbook or at least a baby book! Ha!

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

This is a great idea! So good to look back on for the next one. And the email account for you baby.....fab idea!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I forgot to tell you that I sent your post to my girlfriend on the cloth diaper dryer rack ... she LOVES it!!!

cMe said...

I have a newborn...I saved this list on a Word doc for future reference. :)

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