Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fall Consignment Sale Bargains

It is consignment season here in Nashville! Hooray! 

My Nonie pointing out to me a while back that it seems like a shop a whole lot for my boy... and I do, but perhaps I should explain that I do have a "Fenn Pool" and money comes and goes from that pool when I consign his old stuff to buy new stuff, and sometimes I find great buys at my discount store for 90% off and I will buy them, mark them up 40% and consign them and make money that was as well. 
This past consignment sale, I sold $595.00 worth of baby stuff. Things that didn't work for us ( like the bumbo) or stuff I bought that he didn't like or fit properly etc. So that will be my pool for  the fall. I have another sale that I consign at next month where I plan to make more money for my Fenn Pool. Basically, I am an EXPERT shopper. You would be hard pressed to find someone with my skills! HA and those skills provide us the ability to give the boy more than we normally would. 
The woman who once said " I don't want a bunch of tacky plastic toys all over my house, and I don't want a spoiled kid" .. yeah that lasted about 5 minutes after I saw him play with his first toy, and then my inner kid came out and I LOVE to buy him toys. I buy most toys at consignment sales because they are usually 1/3 of what they cost in stores. If he does not care for the toy I just reconsign it for what I paid for it. You may have seen my tweet this week about my STEAL OF THE WEEK! 

I love all the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn toys, and we have the farm gate I got at my discount store for $18 ( Retail is about $90) he plays with it all the time, so when I saw the Laugh and Learn house at Goodwill this week, (for TEN dollars) I gladly grabbed it up. When I got to the register it was half price day and it ended up costing me $5. (retail $90)!! 
Now I did have to scrub crayon off it for about an hour LOL , but it was worth it.

I also got this Little Tikes Picnic Table for $4 at a Yard Sale. ( Had to do quite a bit of cleaning to it as well)

Tie Dye Onesie $3 I love this!

 Patagonia Long Underwear $2. We will wear during hockey games and some football games a lot!

Boutique  Christmas Pajamas. $12 ( I overpaid for these because I love holidays and we wear our PJs all day in Grizaland so I felt like it was worth it)

 2 Kissy Kissy Premier Smocked Bibs $1.75 ( for my next babe)

 Double Matted and Framed Kelly B Rightsell Print of Frogs in Smocked Jon Jons. $5

( I Bought this for   CBbecause this is the EXACT decor in her nursery.)

 Three Mommas Smocked Cord Bubble Suit $20. Every now and then I buy him a fancy outfit. I love the colors of this and am a SUCKER for corduroy.

So all of that stuff, including the toys was about $55. Pretty great deals! Anybody else going to Fall consignments? Any favorite finds?


Cory Holder said...

Thanks for the frog if I can just get Chad to hang it! Great finds this season LG! I think the Pool idea is very smart also. I look forward to the BUMC sale soon! Whoohoo.

Gina said...

I have the same house but we payed $20 on Craigslist.

Also? I am GREEN with jealousy over that tie-dyed onesie.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

My sister in law has great luck for her little ones at the consignment. Why over pay!!!

Anna said...

Will you move to Birmingham to shop for me??? I am super impressed!

Heather Anderson said...

Yeah-I think I should just pay you to shop for nugget, I don't have the patience for bargain hunting so always overpay! I would still save more money that way. Super impressive swag!

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