Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Current Happenings with PB

We have been spending all of our free time in HERE! The play wonderland..... A room that is never clean! ha

and Peebs latest pleasure is ripping up paper and tissue. He loves it and gets VERY angry when I prevent him from eating it.

He loves to play in or under things. Don't know why. He goes under my scrapbooking desk a lot and it really cracks me up when I see his little toys carefully placed back there.

and he also enjoys opening all of these drawers and emptying the contents. I let him do it since he finds it so fun.

and when I go retrieve him from bed now, he usually bails out all his fluffies and is standing alone in the crib, sharpening his teeth!  See the bite marks on the crib! I didn't know kids did that.

Of course the week after his birthday he started pulling up, cruising, climbing.. all the stuff he is WAY behind in. I kind of appreciate his delay of movement as he is much easier to watch and take care of that way!  Walking is just around the corner though.

The Week of his birthday he had a stomach virus, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because he FINALLY learned to drink from a sippy cup. We were literally giving him pedialite from a medicine dropper! NUBY is the only brand he can successfully drink from ( get liquid down the throat and not all over his shirt) and he is now holding it on his own and drinking very well! He loves it in fact! His birth buddy Walker also learned to drink from the sippy about the same time so maybe 1yr is the magic number for that?

and we have a new book! Llama Llama Red Pajama! If you guys don't have this one you should get it ! It is real cute and fun to read. I found it at GoodWill for 29 cents! ha
Some folks suggested to me after Peeb's birthday party to put away some of his toys for later, so I did and it was a great idea. Every week or 2 I will trade out some toys and they are like brand new to him all over again! Great for keeping him interested and engaged! I highly recommend it to other moms. 


Cory Holder said...

I love the Brobee chills at the table! I knew another baby that chewed their crib a little. You can sand that out one day, no prob! Horray Fennster!

Julie Bray said...

Awesome play room!!!
Watch out, Fenn is going to be all over the place soon. You are correct, be happy you don't have to chase him around yet. It gets so hard to keep up with them. Ben has started to run now. RUN! what the heck, it seems he just learned to walk......
So cute, love the update!

AndreaLeigh said...

the playroom turned out so cute! I'm getting together ideas for one now. I think I'm doing a turquoise/red Dr. Seuss theme. Went to Ikea yesterday and got some great ideas!

Anna said...

So funny! It's really neat how their little personalities are coming out. And I hear ya on the paper thing. I have to keep all napkins, etc. away from my two or little bits end up all over the floor and in their mouths!

grizaham said...

That playroom is pretty sweet! Great job on that Wifey!

KM said...

The play room looks amazeballs! Great job! C did the same thing to his crib. I am with you on the dely of walking. C didn't walk full on until he was 14 months old, don't rush it, trust me, haha! So glad PB took the sippy for you!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

You seriously have such a cool playroom, like fancy stuff awesome!

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