Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby Jogger City Select Accessories

I really enjoy this cup holder. It swivels so keeps your drink from spilling and it holds a lot of different size cups. It is not easy to get it attached to the city select handle bar but it is possible! Just make sure to put it on the opposite side from the brake.
It is also a bit bulky so as soon as I find a better option I shall embark, but for now this is what works the best. BJ needs to take notes from the Phil and Teds drink holder which snaps on and off easily.

Comes in lots of animals/colors. very helpful when you go somewhere and have to leave the stroller behind ( disney, restaurants, sports arenas etc) It attaches to a lower bar so its always on the stroller for when you need it.

This is a compact/foldable sunshade. It is great to extend your canopy/or to make it really dark in the stroller so that the babe can nap when out and about . I love this thing and use it ALL the time. I fold it up and keep it in the pocket on the back of the seat.

I use this like a mom console. Its fabulous and so easy to remove and you can put it in several places on the side of the stroller or on the top bar and use it like a purse.

My parents were in town for PB's birthday this weekend and I took my dad to all my discount stores to shop and he bought me a few things while we were there! The Glider board and the food muff! Thanks Daddy!


Baby Jogger Foot Muff ( retail is about $60 but we paid $21)
This is kind of bulky as far as looks, and I think is really designed for the other strollers baby jogger makes but it fits the city select and its made REALLY well.  The liner zips out for lighter weather or washings. We will use this tons during hockey season because it is bitterly cold while we are strolling to and from the arena. Wild boys like to kick off blankets so this will stay put like a sleeping bag.


Baby Jogger Glider Board $70 ( we paid $17)
This thing is pretty awesome! It is made for  a 3rd child ( which I do not have ha! But thinking ahead...) it goes on in about 5 seconds and folds up behind the stroller to stay out of the way. Great for older kids who are resistant to sitting in stroller and also great for when we are in the airport as I will put my luggage on it instead of dragging it behind the stroller!

I do not recommend any of the consoles that baby jogger makes. I just do not like them! Others might, but to me they take up a lot of space on the handle bar and its not a very snug, secure fit and its not easy to get things back and forth like your phone since each compartment has a lid.
I still have not tried any rain covers but want to! Just watching my discount store for that, and the high chair attachment as well!!


melissa said...

Great information - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Where do you find these great deals????

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