Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Etsy GiveAway Mondays!

Hello Readers! Just wanted to let you guys know that a fellow reader, Alicia has a cool blog called 
Perfect Imperfections Journal and she is doing an Etsy giveaway every Monday from now through October! Head on over there and show her some love!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So The Craziest Thing Happened Yesterday....

I got an email from the Books From Birth Foundation about a fundraiser they were having in our neighborhood. They frequently partner with retailers and seek people to go support the retailer to raise money for the foundation. Its an amazing thing, that they provide children with a free book every month till they are 5! Peebs has really enjoyed his so yesterday we stopped by to show our support, only to my surprise this was like a CRAZY Situation.
I walked into an office building filled with boxes FULL of very nice and expensive things, most were brand new. There were a lot of handbags.. and i mean like 200-300 of them and expensive ones and I knew they were authentic so I started being a little concerned about why all these new things were being sold so cheap. 
The lady then told me that her mother in law who was very sick had a home health care worker. That worker was taking her credit cards for a ride for YEARS before they caught her, and they only caught her when she started maxxing out credit cards with a 30K limit. She was arrested, all of her purchases seized and have been in custody until now and this poor girl has storage units full of stuff that it is too late to return to the stores so she is selling it like a yard sale and giving proceeds to the book foundation. 
It was very sad to look a room full of frivolous expensive things and know how badly she took advantage of her patient. She must have the coldest heart EVER. I have to say it was pretty interesting seeing ALL of her stuff, I know a lot about her now, just from that.  For instance she loves the color pink and anything by BRICS.
So what could I do but my part to help get some of thats stuff off her hands! To give you an idea of the kind of deals I mean... I got a pair of FRYE boots new for $20.

Check out this box with about 45 sets of brand new Williams-Sonoma Dish Towels
I got this set of utensils and cannister and dish towels $5 for the utensils and $5 for the towels. I added up the price tags on those utensils when I got home and it was over $100!!
Brand New North Face Jacket $30
Brand New Pottery Barn Sheet Set for a Queen bed $20 I have actually been shopping around for this very thing in this very color.
All the makeup and perfume was free so CoCo I got you a ton of perfume! I will mail  it to you soon! :)
Now is that not a wild story or what?

Monday, August 29, 2011

My Latest Spray Paint Makeover!

Three years ago, one of my dad's friends gifted my nephew with this Radio Flyer Coupe. Lets just say that car has ATLEAST 100,000 Miles on it from all the laps around their driveway! It has been loved, and over time beat up, faded, and worn out!  I brought it home with me when I went down there recently and have been restoring it!
This is what it looked like:
I gave it a lot of thought as to what kind of color or theme I wanted to do, and I decided since this car would be PERFECT for tailgates ( they block off the street so there is lots of smooth concrete to drive him on) and went with a Titans Theme! I Spray painted the entire car a glossy light blue. The Seat and other parts a Navy Blue.

Then I did some detailing with Red and Silver Metallic Duck Tape and bought some Titans Bumper Stickers...

I then downloaded some free "License Plate" Font and made him a license  Plate that says "PEEBS" HA
and we put some good miles on it at the Tailgate yesterday! Cousin Chlo loved it as well!
There are a million faded kids cars on craigslist that you could do this too! Upcycle! Good for the wallet and good for the world!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Post I have been trying to Figure Out How to write for Weeks..

Catchy title no? Well I have been noticeably absent from the blog lately, and with good reason. I have been working VERY hard on a new project. and that project is NOT a new baby! ha (I plan to work on that job this winter!)
I have been trying to figure out when and how to tell you guys about my project and when I was legally cleared to discuss.
I am sure you guys remember when I first introduced you to my ipad holder for the stroller and you are all aware of my passion for all APPLE products!
   At the time, I had no plans, but was just desperately trying to solve some of our travel woes with all of the upcoming trips for summer. After some time, and some tweaks we started taking that thing everywhere and LOTS of people would stop to ask us about it, and some more passionate than others others but  quite a few who tried to buy it or wanted to know where I bought it. After that we decided maybe we would try to make it.  Many times I get nervous and each time bubs is there saying DO IT.
So that has lead us down a long and crazy road. It has been much more work (and money) than I initially expected.
I say all of that to say that the ilatch is coming to life! I have a patent pending, trademark and a logo! Now I am seeking backing online via Kickstarter is an awesome site for inventors to share their idea and seek funding! Please check out my page and pledge if you feel up to it! Even $1 helps! It is an all or none type deal, so my goal is to raise $7000! If I do not raise the 7000 in 30 days then I get no funding! 
You can view my Kickstarter Page Here:

You can "Like" my kickstarter page straight from that link , tweet it or get the code to repost my video! 

I would also REALLY appreciate you guys to pass this along to your friends, family and such. A tweet, a facebook status, a blog, a conversation... anything you can do would be awesome! If you wanna pledge thats great too! 

Thanks so much! Wish me Luck! 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Who is This Baby???

I dont know if my sweet baby is teething, or just going through a new stage but DANG he has been bratty lately. He was always so easy going but now he is grunting, squealing and screaming louder than you can imagine to communicate his very strong opinions. He has graduated from a Dino-baby to a CAVEMAN. (Violently) Slinging that sippy cup, Throwing food from his tray... 
Here is a good sample clip, in case you need visual aid! We started behavior boot camp today and I have just started laying him down in the floor and ignoring his tantrums and as you can see he works at it for a minute but once he loses his audience he just gets up and goes off and plays like it never happened.

PS This little fit is at 6AM! I know... you are all so jealous of spending 6 am this way....

Thursday, August 25, 2011

We're back!

After a fun beach trip and visit with family, piggles and I are finally back with the bubs in Nashville! I had a great time, and piggy did great with my family but I did find it hard to "vacation" while Erik was stuck here working! He insisted I go, but next time we will have to work it out and all go together!
It was great to catch up with our friends and see them all doing so well and so happy!
There were LOTS of creatures out this time of year like this WHOPPER Jelly Fish:
He was at least 12 "
Our Beach Set up!
One of my beach traditions is to buy a big crazy float because I usually stay in the water most of the day. I found "Ray" which was a throw back to the float I had the week Erik and I got engaged. He is a huge sting ray float
There may have a been a little of this:

and there was ALOT of this sweet reunion with my boy when I left the beach and went back to my parents house. He didn't miss me much though he was having ALOT of fun with my family. I liked seeing how comfortable he was with them and I got a hilarious video of him trying to snuggle up cousin Wilburs!
and on our way home we stopped to see Macon Babies and feed the boy. She had a friend over with a baby and those baby girls loved my boy. They were petting him on the head like a puppy. He was very intrigued. AND best part? We picked up this! She made it for Fenn. Isn't it awesome? She does lots of designs and you can purchase from her if you are looking for Custom Nursery Art.

and then when I got home this awesome camera strap was waiting for me! I have wanted one off etsy since Christmas! They have come a long way even since Christmas and have gone down in price quite a bit. This one is from BrowardPatch.
She did an amazing job and put our twitter name on the strap which I love!
I have lots of catching up to do then some big things to tell you all about. Maybe this week...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sea Turtles Hatching.....

You may have gathered from twitter that I am at the beach with some friends this week!  I'll blog about
the mom vacation later, but you guys gotta see these turtle pics! We got to see a nest of Loggerhead Sea Turtles hatching. These were the ones that didn't naturally find their way out so the crew digs them out and releases them. It was so cool and sweet. 

 Eggs that had already hatched along with a few that didn't make it.

 These were still breaking out of their shells !
Probably one of the coolest experiences ever!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Current Happenings with PB

We have been spending all of our free time in HERE! The play wonderland..... A room that is never clean! ha

and Peebs latest pleasure is ripping up paper and tissue. He loves it and gets VERY angry when I prevent him from eating it.

He loves to play in or under things. Don't know why. He goes under my scrapbooking desk a lot and it really cracks me up when I see his little toys carefully placed back there.

and he also enjoys opening all of these drawers and emptying the contents. I let him do it since he finds it so fun.

and when I go retrieve him from bed now, he usually bails out all his fluffies and is standing alone in the crib, sharpening his teeth!  See the bite marks on the crib! I didn't know kids did that.

Of course the week after his birthday he started pulling up, cruising, climbing.. all the stuff he is WAY behind in. I kind of appreciate his delay of movement as he is much easier to watch and take care of that way!  Walking is just around the corner though.

The Week of his birthday he had a stomach virus, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because he FINALLY learned to drink from a sippy cup. We were literally giving him pedialite from a medicine dropper! NUBY is the only brand he can successfully drink from ( get liquid down the throat and not all over his shirt) and he is now holding it on his own and drinking very well! He loves it in fact! His birth buddy Walker also learned to drink from the sippy about the same time so maybe 1yr is the magic number for that?

and we have a new book! Llama Llama Red Pajama! If you guys don't have this one you should get it ! It is real cute and fun to read. I found it at GoodWill for 29 cents! ha
Some folks suggested to me after Peeb's birthday party to put away some of his toys for later, so I did and it was a great idea. Every week or 2 I will trade out some toys and they are like brand new to him all over again! Great for keeping him interested and engaged! I highly recommend it to other moms. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Things I am Digging Right Now....

Did you guys know there is a channel called "Hub" that shows all our fav 80's cartoons like JEM, Fraggles, Transformers etc? Its AWESOME!  You can click here to see what channel it is in your area.
Thanks to Cousin Jennifer for telling me about that!!

The Fall collection from Bath & Body Works! That Apple Crumble is a new scent and smells really good! I love how my house smells like fall right now! Even though it is technically early for that!  They have lots of cute new wallflowers too like that owl!

I am loving the new Collegiate and NFL lines from Victoria's Secret! I am dying for that Titans set but I can not bring myself to pay that much for sweats. The AUburn line is not available online so I pictured the LSU line. Does anybody know what the deal is with Auburn's licensed gear? I heard about it a long time ago and can not remember what the deal is.

What is on the horizon for Fall that you guys are excited about?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

First Titans Tailgate of the Season!

Saturday night was the first Titan's Game of the Pre-Season. The weather was perfect and peebs was a doll! He had lots of playmates! We brough the pack n play and some toys
Daddies and Babies
My favorite picture of the day
Peebs putting the iLatch to good use!
Block Work shop with cousin Jennifer
Little Chlo-bell trying out the tailgate chair for tots

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Missoni for Target!

Did you guys know that Missoni is coming to Target in September? Hooray! I love Missoni! Be still my heart!

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