Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We had a YARDSALE this Weekend!

We had a yard sale this weekend and it was nuts! I have been calling Goodwill to come pick up all this crap in our Garage for weeks but they could never come when we were home to open Garage so... finally I decided I would just have a yard sale.
  Erik thought this was a ridiculous idea and that no one would come and he was not excited, but he did agree to help me haul the junk out there! Stevie was here and he said he would help too. I told them I would split my profits with them evenly! We all got up at 5:30 ! Wowsa! That was So early. WHO gets up before their baby wakes them?

So after all my experience I can tell you the Yard Sale was TOTALLY worth the effort because not only did we make $400 we also cleared out a ton of junk from our garage and basement and its so clean now. That was a GREAT feeling. FYI the most customers come between 7:30 am and 2pm. The people watching /experience was hilarious. I had a group of 3 older dudes who yard sale together every weekend. They came to my yard sale about 6 times and each time they came back one of them had a wife or daughter with them. HA 
After we got tired of being ou there we made everything $1 and that really moved some junk! We plan to have another one real soon after we do some major cleaning out!

My boy did join us outside quite a bit and he loved it! He loved people watching and watching cars drive by.

Some of our neighbors even participated with sales in their yards! Alec had a lemonade and brownie stand! How cute is that?

At the start of the day, my husband had agreed to watch peebs because he gets SO embarrassed talking to strangers. Every time someone drove up he would run inside till they left!( By the end of the day he was also enjoying the yard sale and even manned the cash counter when I ran an errand!) But.. when I went inside to see why my baby was making noise, this is how daddy was babysitting.....Yo Gabba Gabba and a laundry basket! HA

and my helper nephew who couldn't wait for the sale so he could make some summer cash... yeah he slept through the whole thing.
with his body guard the Ralphanator
and then Sunday night we had a Graham Family pizza night and the cousins got to play. It was so fun. Little Chloe who is 18 mos now can communicate these days and it was so cute. She has lots of words and wants to play a lot and climb around. It was so cute! I think Peebs gets really jealous of her though because she would play with toys he had not touched in months but all of sudden he was interested in them... ha


Cheryl E. said...

So glad the yard sale was a hit. It is always a great feeling getting rid of your junk and making some cash money off of it!

Sarah Stanley said...

Who get's up before their baby wakes them? Great line and oh so true!

melissa said...

That's great to clear out the clutter and make some cash! And Fenn is just too cute in that laundry basket.

Cory Holder said...

Next time I am definitely putting some stuff in the sale...we have SO much that needs to be cleaned out and our HOA Yard sales dates are not successful! Word to cash and cleaning!

Julie Bray said...

FUN! I wish I had tried the laundry basket with Ben before he was walking! He will not stay contained in much any more......
You guys turn anything into fun!

Brooke said...

Love the "busted" look in the laundry basket!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Hope you didn't sell the bebe -- jk!

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