Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Traveling with a Baby.. Part 1

You may or may not have noticed how much we have been traveling lately. It has been a TON. We were pretty good travelers before peebs, and I am slowly learning how to do this smoothly with a booboo.

Here are some of my tricks/tips:

I pack his own suitcase. I like all of his stuff grouped together for various reasons, but it is nice if you need to just grab a bag real quick you know which one is his and where all his stuff is. I use a rolling carry on size suitcase. Inside it is split into halves and on the left side I pack his gear:
  • portable high chair
  • sound machine
  • his toiletry kit
  • disposable diapers and wipes
  • Travel Toys
These things stay in his suitcase even after we get home so it is nice to keep them on their own side. The other side is where I pack his clothes and fluffies, extra bibs & Books. I have found it better to have much more than I expect  to need with the clothes.
When we fly, I use a HUGE suitcase and pack myself on one side and him on the other side. ( see pics below)

Skip Hop Via Backpack Diaper Bag, Green

I recently found the Skip Hop Diaper Backpack at my discount store for $5! That is an amazing deal, but it did have a rip on the inside ( I covered it with tie-dye duct tape) and all is well now.  I had read about this bag on some kid sites where it was recommended for travel, especially airline travel and I have to say it exceeds my expectations. I am in love with this bag! It is not super beautiful, just practical. It also needs to be made of more durable materials based on the reviews, and seeing the rip in my bag.
My beautiful diaper bag is much bigger than this backpack, but somehow the backpack holds more! The changing pad that comes with the backpack is kind of crappy, so I took it out and used my other changing pad.

Here is a quick breakdown of the pockets:

 This is the big opening of the backpack where i stash the toys. That way they are separate from all the necessities and don't get in the way when I am looking for other stuff.
Travel Toys (for diaper bag) take some thought. They need to be :
light weight
washable so you can clean them after every trip
quiet ( so as not to disturb others on  the plane etc)
somewhat small

Here are some toys that I think would make great travel toys based on my research. I don't own them all as PB is a little young for some of them.

Suitcase looks a little different on each trip but here is an example:
 Since baby clothes are small, there is lots of room for gear. Clothes, bibs, diapers, swimsuit, outdoor kit , travel high chair, baby carrier, electronics bag, toiletry bag and toy bag. Right before we leave I add his Fluffies and special books
 Travel Toys (yes another clear plastic bag kit). These never leave the suitcase except to be cleaned so that they are always new on each trip.  I chose toys that are light weight, plastic for easy washing. After each trip I wash them in the kitchen sink in a soap and clorox mixture. Those blocks are foam (so light weight and easy to wash). He loves them.
 A bag for sound machine and baby monitor and I keep an extension cord in there as well just incase. More times than not it comes in handy.
So basically the easiest way to travel with babe is try and keep it as simple as possible, (but still have everything you need) and have a dedicated suitcase with "to go" stuff that stays packed so that you can just add clothes, This also really helps when you get home and it is usually bed time, I don't have to unpack his whole suitcase to put him to bed at night.

That is part 1 because I have too much more to add for one post! I can tell you this past trip we stayed 4 nights, and each night was in a different place/city. I forgot his pack n play sheet the camera to the monitor, and after that blowout in the airport I realized some things my diaper bag was missing! Stay Tuned.


melissa said...

I'm impressed - that is quite the undertaking! You seem to have it down to a science. I might just stay home for a year. JK! You give me hope that it can be done.

Cheryl E. said...

Great post. I am always looking for more effective ways to pack this baby. He has so much stuff! I need to get me some of these clear plastic bags. LOVE EM

Cory Holder said...

Good job LG! I forget the pack n' play sheet every time we go to Florence. I have about 8 now...whoops.

grizaham said...

The wife sure does make traveling with the babe very easy!

Tiny Ocean said...

dang, girl. You are way, waaaay organized. I'm so jealous.

What sound machine do you use? do you recommend? also, does your sweets sleep all night even when you're traveling?? Wondering if LL will eventually sleep all night when we're on the road.

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