Monday, July 11, 2011

Pinterest Projects : Organization Kits

After seeing this idea from BHG on pinterest I knew it was totally for me! I love bags and sorting things like this. I have had a bag like this for peebs medicines and such for months and I love it! SO easy for travel and I always know where everything is!


If you don't have any clear bags on hand like these you could use ziplocks or order the ones pictured from Amazon ( Prime)

Outdoor bag , easy to grab and throw in the purse or diaper bag when we are leaving for the pool or a cook out etc. Sunscreen and bug repellant for adults and babies!

Travel Medicine Bag. This one is a must for a few reasons; mainly you don't ever want to be on a trip somewhere and get sick and have no medicine! My poor bro got a sinus infection on his honeymoon in Mexico and was mis and didn't know how to read the packaging on mexican meds. This little bag can be a life saver!
As you can see, it holds ALOT!
Car Kit for the glove box of your car. Very Handy! We take a lot of road trips!

Hand Sanitizer, wet wipes, chapstick, garbage bags, hand lotion, shot wipes, bug repellant, kleenex, and batteries for our headphones!
 This is my lady tool kit. I used to have a tool box, but turns out that certain husbands don't ever like to put their tools away so when it comes time to use them, they don't know where they are! But they always know where MINE are because I put them away... and then slowly mine starting going missing! So I leave the tool box in place for a good decoy and I packed up the essentials in this little bag and hide it! ha


Anna said...

What a great idea! I am definitely going to try to do this soon!

Cory Holder said...

The pink tools are adorable!

Erica said...

This is amazing. My linen/hall closet would be a much better place if I did this project...after baby, maybe! :)

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