Saturday, July 2, 2011

Our Trip to St. Louis

Yesterday bubs, peebs and I traveled to St. Louis for a 24 hour quick road trip so my bubs could see his main man, Eddie Veddar in concert at the Fox. Originally this was supposed to be a mommy & daddy date trip and peebs was gonna stay with family but some complications arose and rather than cancel or send my bubs off solo, peebs and I traveled along. I feel like it is important to stick together in marriage to avoid living separate lives. With a baby, you can easily slip into "your time" and "my time" and we have struggled with that in the past, but after lots of trial and error we found that what works for us, is to do things all together and each person get something fun out of it.
Bubs went to the concert for his fun, and peebs and I stayed in a fantastic hotel and ordered room service for our fun. Bubs also takes me to special shopping excursions on these trips, but this one was so short we didn't have time for much shoppings!
St. Louis has ALOT going on! They had some huge 4th weekend extravaganza going on and a festival by the water. We did not attend but it looked neat!

We strolled around and took in the sites before dinner.

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency. We love Hyatt hotels and this one was the best I have ever stayed in. The customer service was amazing!  Traveling with a babe, changes your take on hotels. Pre-peebs I didn't care much about where we stayed, bc we were never in the room! Post Peebs we are in the room alot so it is important to have restaurants in the hotel lobby and room service, and especially awesome if you room has a walk in closet (aka Peebs room) like this one did! He slept till almost 8am this morning. He has NEVER, EVER slept so late.

We ate in the brewery restaurant in the lobby when we arrived and I ordered a salad, which was nasty. I sent it back, and rarely ever do that, but since I wasn't eating it, I felt like I had to. They were SO nice about it in the restaurant and then called me later to apologize and wanted to make it up to me. I told them it was fine, and already handled and they insisted. The manager sent me a glass of wine to our room. I am not one to refuse a free glass of nice red wine! They also called to make sure we were comfortable, happy and had everything we needed. MUCH better experience from our stay at the Hyatt in Scottsdale earlier this year. Every person we encountered when we were in St. Louis was extremely nice and helpful!
My pretty view from our room last night:

Today we woke up, so shocked by peebs late waking that we were running WAY late. They had a huge parade planned that would block the streets and we had to be home in time for U2 tonight ! I wont tell you guys about how we had to walk a billion blocks in the heat towing our luggage bc of the blocked streets, or how my inner brat thought about having a huge hissy fit since we had not had breakfast or coffee yet.
Looks at these peeps lined up for the parade. This parade was NO joke. I loved how everyone came in their red, white and blue. For those of you who do not know, I LOVE the 4th of JULY and I regret that we did not have time to take part in the parade.
I will totally copy these folks tomorrow and bedazzle our stroller with lots of patriotic love!

and I have to give props to my littlest traveler who has done SO well! Not only did he sleep late this morning but he also took a 3 hour nap in the car on the way home!  He had his 1st bite of pancakes with syrup at Cracker Barrel this morning and completely mowed those down! He also charmed every lady within 40 mile radius. Looks like he is his daddy's son after all! He LOVES people and being up in the mix ( which he gets from me!)
For the parents out there,  when we travel we really just fly by the seat of our pants. Trying to keep your exact schedule and plan every detail will drive you mad. When we travel,  I do not use cloth diapers, or home made baby food and rarely do we keep our normal schedule. He seems to do just fine with that. When we get home we go right back to the routine and he does not protest or seem confused in the least. For example; Today he skipped a morning and afternoon nap, and instead opted for a 11am - 2pm nap. I have learned not to sweat it when that happens and just let him get what he needs, when he needs it. I also bring toys and things to make the trip fun for him as well. Now that he crawls I let him do it as much as possible so that he doesn't get bored or feel "contained" too much.

all in all it was an interesting 24 hours!


Marion said...

So glad I'm not the only one who's baby is sleeping in the hotel closet!

melissa said...

Sounds like a fun trip! Glad little guy did so well away from home. Did you husband enjoy the concert? And did you guys go to U2? That would be awesome!

grizaham said...

The concert was great! The Fox Theatre in St. Louis was the biggest and nicest small venue i've been in!
U2 was good was pretty good too!

Peebs is an excellent little traveler! I look forward to many more trips!

Mrs. Holder said...

Glad y'all had a safe trip! I love when hotels make things right also. Good going Hyatt! :)

Julie Bray said...

Fun trip! I love how you don't follow a schedule and Fenn still goes back to his routine upon return! He's the bestest.
Fenn may be ready for a once a day nap from 11-2. Ben started doing that at about 11 months.....

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