Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My To-Do List....

I have had several projects on a waiting list and for some reason I feel super motivated lately to complete them. They are:

  1. Finish painting the new windows we got when I was pregnant! Yikes. It's been a while. How pathetic! I did make progress here. The bottom of both windows and what I could reach of the top got painted!

2. Finish painting our stair rail. It was this cheap light colored wood before and it looks MUCH better painted white. I did a base coat on the lower half when I was pregnant and never did a 2nd coat or the upstairs. Last week I did a second coat downstairs and this week I shall paint the upstairs rail. Done!
This pic from pinterest is pretty cool. I would love a bookshelf stair rail there instead!

3. Our bedroom dresser looks heinous. It was a project that I never finished but kind of started. It has looked like this for 2 years! Pretty pathetic. After seeing this tutorial on pinterest, I am now motivated to finish it! I am starting this today and I can not wait! Soon as my piggles goes down for a nap!

4. I have ONE last bin to paint for peebs toy shelf! I have no idea why I have not finished it yet! Ugh I did attempt this but had some road blocks. ( rain and bad choice of paint)

Here are some pinterest inspired projects I completed:

Chalkboard pantry!
Buffalo Chicken Pasta which was Phenom!
and Garlicky Lemon Chicken which was also really great. I always struggle with different ways to cook chicken so I was happy to have a new way!
What are y'all doin today?

PS sorry for the crappy pictures. Still having problems with my iphoto so only using the iphone for now!


grizaham said...

That chalkboard is pretty cool!
And 2 for 2 on the food!

Cory Holder said...

Those are great to do items! I am working on completing ALL of the laundry...all the items I always delay on sweaters (from last year), hand wash, etc. And slowly thinking about tackling the guest bedroom closet clean out. Yikes!

KM said...

Love the chalkboard idea. That is what I need to do. Write down your grocery list needs while your in the pantry....SMART! I am loving all things Pinterest right now. I need to start really cooking the things I pin instead of drooling over the pic, haha!


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