Monday, July 18, 2011

Florida Friends Visit Day 3 & 4

We spent days 3 & 4 of Florida whirlwind trip in Englewood & Tampa ! It was our first meeting of our friends' kids! Below you can see Peebs was thrilled about that photo op! He did have a great time with their son Nicholas' toys!

This is E and Fenn with Marty and his son Everette! Everette is gonna be a big boy too. Their stats at 4 months were identical. Funny enough we had the same little baseball outfit so we dressed them alike!
They didn't know what to make of each other!
It was a wild 4 days staying somewhere different with a baby every night but we had fun and its good to be home and back into a regular nap routine!


Anonymous said...

Y'all were like, "CHURCH ON THE MOVE!!" during that trip to Florida! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

Cory Holder said...

Love their little baseball outfits! Fenn is learning how to be a travel master!

grizaham said...

Twas a wild one indeed! 4 days and nights in different cities with a small little cute boy!

Good times.

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