Friday, July 22, 2011

Beauty Trials!

I have tried so many mascaras lately and this one is the one that I always come back to! How about you guys? I love this mascara!

I recently saw a commercial for their lip stain and am so curious if it really works. Have any of you tried it or do you have a lip stain that you recommend?

Don't forget to always check the Sephora Junkie Blog for tips, tricks and reviews on beauty products!


 Mom, CC, and Nonie are all on their way to Nashville to get ready for the piggle pants 1st Birthday! I can't wait to have some baby sitters so i can finish the 12 million projects I have around this house!

I installed LION os X on my macbook today! I like it a lot so far. LOVE the email upgrades
 and the launchpad

- We got an offer on our house! More on that later, as you know nothing is ever certain in house selling world.

- 7 days till my bub-a-lubs turns 32!

Happy Friday!!


Courtney said...

Girl! Thanks for the shout-out.

I am not loving the lip stain. The one I tried from Stila was like a permanent marker and I could NOT get it off. I mean, ok I know it's a STAIN so it's supposed to stay, but for real couldn't get it off for a day. And it dried my lips out. Let me know if this one works!

Happy early b-day to Peebs and E!!!

Amy said...

I, too, have been trying out mascara and not really happy with anything I tried, and at %18-25 a pop, it's a little annoying that nothing was working for me. I had a deep discount Ulta coupon for Maybelline Falsies mascara and I had never worn Maybelline before so I gave it a shot. I LOVED the way my lashes looked, but even with eye makeup remover it wouldn't come off my lashes without a pretty good fight. After a couple of weeks my lashes were wrecked and I had lost a lot of lashes. BUT....this week Ulta saved the day and I found an AWESOME new mascara by Cargo. YAY! And the new foundation I got makes my skin feel like silk!
Good luck in your search for new beauty products, I love changing up my routine.

melissa said...

My all time favorite mascara is Maybelline Full N Soft. It's getting harder and harder to find - I'm so scared they'll discontinue it.

Have a great time with your family this weekend!

Tiny Ocean said...

i wear Loreal's alright, I guess. I'm very reluctant to try new things b/c i always seem disappointed...but i will def. try the one you suggested.

When is the big bday for piggle pants?

Courtney said...

I use Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara and I LOVE it!

Exciting news about the offer on the house!

And I can't believe Fenn is almost one!!

Anna said...

I'll definitely have to try that mascara. I feel like I try a different kind every time and am always disappointed. How hard can it be to make a good mascara???

Hope the party goes well! Can't believe it's been a year!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I have never heard of lip stain!!

grizaham said...

Bubs i think i am going to be 33.. Lost count though..


Heather Anderson said...

I love all the MAC mascaras-amazing!

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