Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Baby Fenn is ONE YEAR OLD

Holy Moly! Craziness. It is unbelievable that my boy is already one year old. Erik said last night " I don't want him to be one, can't he just be 10 months old?" He is so much fun right now! I love his little personality and I love watching him play. So let's get down to business shall we?
Height: 31.5" ( 93%)
Weight: 28 lbs  (97%)    He lost about a pound when he had the virus.

Size Clothes : 24 months in everything and even some of that is tight.

New Tricks/Milestones: Crawling! Everywhere! He still ( thank GOD) is not trying to plunder in cabinets and stuff. He just crawls back and forth , up and down the hall, or straight to our closet which ironically is Ralphie's lair. 

He pulls up and stands next to stuff  and does a lot of tripods. I guess that means he will be walking soon? 

He has started understanding toy concepts like putting objects in the bucket etc. How to make them pop up and go back down on his own.


  • Playmat. Can not say enough about this!

  • Mellisa & Doug Wooden Stacker 

  • Weeble Wobbles ( he has loved this for 6 mos)

  • Fisher Price Farm Gate

  • Wooden Blocks

  • Fisher Price Rock N Stack

  • Books. He all of a sudden loves books. loves having them read to him or loves to just sit and turn the pages

Baby Gear:

  • Stroller

  • High Chair

  • Exersaucer ( It made a reappearance recently and he was so excited to see it)

What's in the diaper bag: 
Mostly food and diapers at this point.

Breast Feeding: 
I am no longer nursing him. He doesn't seem to care anymore about it. ( I NEVER thought I would be able to say that after his obsession with boobies) ... but don't get me wrong, if I offer them up he is all about it, but he never thinks about it or pulls on my shirt etc. It just sort of naturally phased itself out. I always wondered what people meant when they said their baby "weened himself" now I know.

Eating : 
Wowsa this boy can EAT.  He is starting to protest about any mushy food (puree) so we are moving on to mostly finger foods now. I have been mixing both for the last 3 months. I am resistant to finger foods because I feel like they are not NEAR as healthy as his purees were. Oh well. I guess I am about to just give him that same food rules that Erik and I have which is to make sure to eat enough LIVING food ( i.e. fruits and veggies)  every day and you can eat anything you want after you meet that quota.
He is LOVING, Jammy Sammys, Cereal Bars, Watermelon, Pizza.  At night i try to just give him whatever we are eating for dinner cut up. I want us to all get on the same meal plan soon. 
I am making him apple juice in my juicer and watering it down for his sippy. He has finally figured out how to suck juice out (kind of) but he still spills as much down his chin as he swallows, and he will not hold it for himself.
The stomach virus required lots of pedialite and so he got lots of sippy practice. He is working the Nuby one with the silicone square nipple pretty well now without quite as much spillage as others. Dare I say by the end of the week he will have it mastered?

He is still sleeping through the night like a good boy! He even sleeps through the night when we travel, although it does take quite a dance to get him down sometimes. I have noticed that if he cries when we put him to bed, he is teething. 90% of the time he just lies down and plays with his fluffies or a book in bed till he falls asleep. 
He wakes up around 6 am and goes to bed around 7pm. He naps at 9 & 2 but I think he is edging toward just one longer nap in the middle of the day because he usually does not sleep long in his afternoon nap and he sits in there and plays for 30-1hr before falling asleep. 

He spent his days in Florida working on a new tooth! It has broken the skin but he is still drooling like crazy and sometimes has a low grade fever so there must be another one on the way.  Blue are in and orange = coming in now. 

We are doing cloth diapers 100% at home, even at night because he does not pee NEAR as much at night as he once did. This has a lot to do with how little he takes liquids. He also does not mess his diapers up near as much as he did at a younger age. Using my home made detergent to wash them now and that is working really well.  Also using Babykicks Hemp inserts in Charlie Banana diapers size Large. I probably need XL diapers but I hate to buy anymore! He is just such a big kid he is not following the size charts at ALL.

He is really loving books these days! He still loves his Little Blue Truck and Lullabye Little One the most. He has gotten some really cool new books for his birthday. Granpa & Glo gave him one that makes sounds when you press buttons and he enjoys that a lot. Mrs. Jean gave him a Classic Children's Stories anthology which is super cool if you have never seen one. Mel sent him these awesome board books about famous artists. He loves them and I LOVE them. So cute and neat. 

He has figured out that he is supposed to touch 3d books and he likes them now!

I will have to say that right now he is pretty good, and still pretty easy going. I can see that temper though, and he gets that from his momma so that is gonna be interesting in the months to come. He behaves pretty much all the time unless he has not napped properly. No nap + teething can = tantrums. Generally I just ignore the tantrum and its over in 2.5 secs.  If he is hungry though, there is no resolution except FOOD!  

He still plays really well by himself and I encourage that because I learned the hard way with Ralphie that if you lavish all of your love and attention on them 24-7 they don't know what to do without you and are not good at hanging out solo. Ralphie is the neediest dog you will ever meet. It's very hard on him to share me with Peebs and Flossie so.. with Peebs I try to teach him to love me, and love his play time. He plays all day by himself and if he wants some attention he crawls over to me and grins and then we play for a few minutes then I get up and go back to the couch and he continues. He plays ALOT of fetch with himself which is kind of hilarious.

He is ROUGH though! I said if he were a wrestler his name would be " The Destroyer" he smashes and throws and bulldoses around this house like a machine! 


Ashley Paige said...

Happy 1 year Fenn! Holy crap, where did the time go? I mean, really. Haha!

And I just love that he only has two bottom teeth like C! We always make fun of the two "loners" that he's got going on down there! Sometimes I worry that the rest of them are never going to come in!! LOL

melissa said...

A very Happy 1st Birthday to Fenn! Can you believe your baby boy is growing up so fast?!?! I feel like it was just the other day you were blogging about your pregnancy and now he's one. WOW!

Courtney said...

Happy birthday Fenn! I hope you and your family have a great birthday and birthday week! Lots of love, CBT and T-money :)

Melissa Tabor said...

Happy 1st Birthday Fenn! You are such a sweet and funny baby and it has been a treat to get to see/know you this year and keep up with you via blog and such.

I think that means today is Erik's bday, too, right?! If so, Happy birthday to you as well! I hope you guys have a great day/week celebrating!

Julie Bray said...

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY!!!!! He's too precious!

What a wonderful year it has been.

I hope you are enjoying his birthday as well. It was a big day for you and Erik too!

Anna said...

It is amazing how fast a year goes by! Happy Birthday Fenn!!

Sarah Stanley said...

Happy birthday to the biggest boo boo I have ever seen. And happy BIRTHday to you, Laura!

Tiny Ocean said...

Yay! Happy 1st Birthday to Fenn Man aka piggle pants (the cutest nickname)! Can NOT believe how fast time slips by.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I really cannot believe Fenn is one!!! Holy cow!! Happy Birthday little man!

And happy 1 year of motherhood to you girl!!!!

Marion said...

Happy birthday, Fenn! You are a doll to watch grow up!

Mel said...

Happy Birthday sweet Piggy Baby!!! xoxox

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Oh my goodness that Fenn is such a studly guy. Reading his books, showing off how cute is he :)

grizaham said...


Cory Holder said...

Happy Birthday Fenners! Can't wait to see you tomorrow! :)

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