Friday, July 29, 2011

Fenn's 1st Year: Week by Week

These are little weekly notes I would make about his development because I can never remember ANYTHING and with our next baby I want to be able to look back and say oh yeah, that is when they did so and so. Anyway all babies are different developmentally but it might give you some idea of stuff if you are curious, or this may be a post no one cares about but me! ha But I need it for my records!

Fenn's First Year Week by Week!

7   Weeks - Gotten really strong at holding head up when having tummy time
9   weeks - Got craddled cap ( took WEEKS to cure and best thing I used was Olive Oil and Buriti Baby Lotion from the body shop)
11 Weeks - 1st time to sleep through the night!, blowing spit bubbles
13 Weeks - Started grabbing at/batting at toys
16 Weeks - Started teething. ( Fussy, diareah 5 times a day (green), drooling TONS)
18 Weeks - Started being able to hold toys, and actually play with them, rolling them etc. I can carry him on my hip now b.c he has better upper body control

19 Weeks - Rolled over for the 1st time, 1st Rice Cereal Meal

20 weeks - is pushing up very high on his play mat. suddenly started having tantrums and learning how to cry to get his way, kind of hugs me or snuggles me everytime he just wakes up and I pick him up from bed.

22 Weeks - started eating several tablespoons of thick rice cereal a day and he LOVES it. Also started sleeping longer and going longer between feedings since he started solids.

23 Weeks- So busy lately standing on his feet in the saucer and grabbing at everything he can. Loves the dogs and watches them and talks to them. Has been rolling over more and more from stomach to back. Very happy and sweet all the time. naps pretty good. kisses me all over the face when I pick him up from crib.

26 Weeks - Started shrieking and making funny noises and talking to himself ALOT more. He talks before bedtime to all his fluffies!

27 Weeks - Can sit up without support and play. Still pretty new at it. Putting everything into his mouth he can. He now understands, and enjoys peek -a -boo, so busy all of a sudden. Made solid poops! Has gotten MUCH louder when he cries. Wearing 12-18 month sized Clothes. Started wearing pants this week.

28 Weeks - started discovering tongue and wants to stick it out or chew on it (i think this was because his teeth were coming in)and smack his lips alot. HIs infant hair has started falling out and being replaces with soft fluffy blonde hair on the top of his head, none on the back of his head yet! He enjoys driving his motorcyle ( weird motion that he does) He has started making a poop face now, so we know when he goes.

29 Weeks - Introduced a sippy cup that has a transitional nipple. he took right to it. He knows to hold it and suck it but he cant figure out he needs to tilt it yet to get the liquid out. He loves to play with it and use it as a teething toy too.  Loves Avacado, Pears & sweet potatoes. He wants to grab his food bowl, stick his fingers and face in it.

30 Weeks - Started making blubber noises with his lips. Got a terrible diaper rash from what I believe was cheap wipes. Started sitting up from his back on his own. Very good at sitting up now. Talks NON stop. I can feel a sharp spot in his bottom gums that I think is tooth coming in! Eating about 6 small jars of baby food a day, or 6 oz of baby food. Is very good at holding his toys now and shaking them vigorously. Can now sit in buggies and restaurant high chairs!
31 Weeks - Tried puffs and mum mums this week. Is really good with frozen teething rings now. 1st Trip in the Grocery cart and he LOVED it. terrible teething fits with low grade fever,snot, waking often, eating less. Pretty fussy off and on.  Starting squealing and making lots of high pitch noises.

32 Weeks - Much more hair growth this week, instead of just mohawk hair is growing around the strip. Showing interest in crawling this week. Keeps ending up on his tummy and pushing up, very busy, grunting and concentrating. Also making TONS of raspberry mouth noises. Still squealing a lot.Tried beets and ate them but didn't love them. Wearing only size 18 mos now. Has mastered eating mum mums and loves them and holding them himself. He will cry when he eats it all up.  Spends ALOT of time trying to sit up by pulling himself up with his feet, pants or socks. Whatever he can reach.

33 Weeks - Busy Busy BUSY. wants to be playing and doing something constantly. Sleeps less, stays up later, but when he sleeps and naps he sleeps HARD. I can move him while he is sleeping without waking him. Still waking up several times a night but I am about to extinguish this. Tried Plums and Brocalli this week. Neither was he wild about. He has learned to pick up puffs with his fingers now and get them to his mouth, but has not figured out how to release them so he can eat them. He does like puffs now. Seems less interested in breast feeding these days. Loves toys that spin and will spin them for EVER.

34 Weeks - Started to enjoy Yo Gabba Gabba more now. Looks around people and things when he wants to see something.

35 Weeks

36 Weeks  - Beach trip! Learned to Feed himself puffs. Spent the night with CC and Anna Catherine away from me ! Tried Strawberries and Mangoes. Likes Bananas now.

37 Weeks  - Making some crawling attempts. His right top tooth started coming in. Another cold! 25.4 pounds now! First real beach trip. Loved the beach, but loved the pool more. Wanted to eat sand constantly. Has really started being nosy and going through things or getting into things. As I write this you have found a bag for someone with clothes in it and have them all dumped out , spread around and are chewing on the swimsuit strap.

38 Weeks -  Went to the doctor because your eye was swollen and pink. You had a bacterial infection in  your eye and ear :(. You want to move around and get into stuff constantly but you wont crawl! You are trying though! You mostly scoot around on your butt while sitting up. You have taken to biting things when you get overwhelmed or frustrated.  This week you tried to bite the door facing, kitchen cabinets and my shirt. you are 29.5 inches long! Getting a little more hair in the sides of your head and stuff have your duck feathers atop.  You have started reaching for me a little this week!  I also started giving you solid foods all pinched up!

39 Weeks - It is gonna be a big week I can tell! You are insisting on being on your stomach 24-7. Even in the bed! last night was the first time you ever slept on your stomach and you slept really well that way! You are very whiny and having a lot of little tantrums and I am not sure why or what that is about! Still no crawling but I think its just around the corner! This week I left you for 2 nights with Bebe for the 1st time!

40 Weeks - Found out why whiney last week : Still has an ear infection :(. I think he may be teething again because tons of drool is coming again and lots of lip smacking going on. He has been very fussy and not himself either due to teething, ear infection or stomach ache from his antibiotic. He has started taking toys and raising them up above his head and waving them around proudly. Not sure why? He also throws his toys HARD and bangs them. In general he plays very hard/rough. Still very good at independent play. Has been biting me again I think from ear infection. We started reading him books this week and he seems to enjoy it! He def has a favorite ( Lullabye Little One) because he sits still and listens intently to it, other books not so much!  Tried Celery and cinnamon for the 1st time this week and liked both! First successful crawls have happened this week! You are trying SO hard! You only crawl about 2 steps then collapse on your stomach.

41 Weeks -

42 Weeks - The day of his 42nd week he pulled up for the first time. Not sturdy but he tried to peek over the side of his crib on his knees and he tried to pull up in the tub also. 42nd Week also marks his 1st time to sleep all night in a LONG time. We started CIO and by night 2 he was sleeping all night. Been in a terrible mood all week. I thought it was due to ear infection but doctor said he was not sick! So I guess it is just a stage. He cries at every little thing that does not go his way, and arches his back and throws his head back. Cries pretty loud too. Loves Blocks now!

43 Weeks - All of a sudden many things started happening this week! He started banging 2 toys together, putting toys through hoops and inside other toys. Still loves blocks for smashing, throwing, chewing and banging together.  His 2nd top tooth broke the skin this week ( thank GOD) > he is down to breast feeding generally only once a day now at 6 am when he wakes up. Still sleeping all night! Whew! Started sitting up from a flat on the floor position as well as while in his bed. Still not full on crawling, doing about 2 steps at a time. Very chattery this week.

44 weeks- Having lots of temper tantrums this week! 3 teeth coming in on the top. Having terrible fits every time we lay him in crib for sleep. Sits up and fights nap for 45 mins-1hr. Crawling now but only when extremely motivated. Still plays independently really well. Cries most times when in leave the room. Still sleeping all night waking up at 6am.

45 Weeks - This week you really love your momma. He cries alot if I pass him off, sometimes when I leave the room, and he crawls over to me alot in the playroom and rests his head on me or just sits near me. Daddy doesnt love this stage. We started mostly tablefood and he loves it. Seems irritated by baby food and mostly wants what I am eating. Can take bites of sandwiches and pizza! He currently has 4 teeth with more on the way. Still has a black spot on his gums from an incisor. Almost 28lbs this week! Taking bedtome and naps like a champ. No crying and sleeping well. Wakes up sometimes in the middle of the night but settles down on his own quickly. Started Cheese puffs this week ( target brand) and he loves them! Other foods : mac n cheese, chicken, watermelon, 

46 Weeks - Interested this week in spacial things. He likes to take the remote and place it on the table above his head, take it off and do it all over again. he has been holding things up in the air and dropping them. Then doing that over and over. He has not wanted to eat any chicken this week. I have gotten him to drink from his sippy ( when I hold it) several times now. Back to cloth diapers at night since he is not nursing at night now. 3rd top tooth broke the skin this week. Trying to pull up and getting up on his knees alot this week

47 Weeks - tried a few days with just one nap in the middle of the day and he is not ready for that. Definitely still needs 2 naps a day. Still waking up at 6am. (or 5am). Starting to drool and run low grade temp again so I am thinking time for another tooth?  I think he has an allergy to strawberries because every time we feed him those his eyes get pink and puffy. Still cant drink from a sippy cup in his own but is showing interest in it. Only nursing once a day in the mornings when he wakes up . naps are about 1.5 hours long. Cant crawl over barriers ( my leg, pillows etc ) and does not know how to get unstuck when he finds jis leg under the couch or in a corner.

48 weeks - wanst to pull up this week but cant figure out how. does a tri-pod most of the time. We have been traveling alot and fenn has been so goos about it. Slept till almosy 8 am today! Very unusual but we were in a hotel with no windows so we think that is why. Still eating alot. had pancakes for the 1st time and loved them! Still loves people and flirts with all the women we encounter.

49 Weeks -  PB stood up for the first time today 7/6/11 by pulling up on the mushroom stool in his playroom. he has been sick all week with a snotty nose. He did not enjoy the fireworks on the 4th i think because he was so tired. He started this week, coming up to me when I am on my laptop and closing the lid so he will have my undivided attention. It is sooooo cute. he has also figured out how to play chase and just giggles and giggles! He now knows that doors open and how to do it. Still not plundering cabinets and such yet though thank goodness!

50 Weeks - Got a new tooth and now has 6 teeth. Has been trying to stand up a lot but just holds on to things and does a tri-pod sort of move. Has started protesting mushy food and really prefers solid foods, like whatever we are eating. Went to Florida for a week to see grandparents and had a good time and did really well considering the lack of naps. Does not poop as much as he used to. Generally once or twice a day now. He has learned to crawl underneath things to retrieve his toys now. He still really loves blocks, egg shaped things, and his play mat. Books have become very entertaining to him as well. 

51 Weeks  - Had his 1st stomach virus. Got it from a friends baby. He woke up several nights because he had thrown up on himself. Seemed fine during the day. Decreased appetite. Low grade fever. Still teething also. More needy than usual.  Has realized how to interact with 3d books and touch the stuff sticking out. He still really loves blocks, and loves round shapes and likes to spin them like tops on the hardwood floor, or chunk them across the room then retrieve them.  I also found a hiding spot in the playroom this week where he has been stashing all of his favorite toys. I had been looking for them everywhere 

52 Weeks -Lots of changes this week. He has been pulling himself up and standing for long periods. crawling over to the stairs and acting like he wants to crawl up them. He is also showing interest in toilets so its time to baby proof them all. Mom, Nonie and Celie are here for the week getting ready for his 1st birthday!   Still weighs 28lbs... lost almost a pound with his virus.  He has figured out how to play some touch games on the ipad this week. He has finally learned a little bit better about how to use a sippy Cup. The Nuby cup seems to work better for him. He will not hold it for himself yet though.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Skip*Hop Saddle Bag....

I have been watching for the Skip *Hop saddle bag to come to my discount store because I thought it would make a great stroller accessory and I was RIGHT. I love it! It is supposed to work with any stroller and I think it will.  Consider it a Mom Console.

That drink holder pouch on the side is not really functional or meant for drinks as you can see here. It is better suited for sunglasses or cellphones.

It has a long inner pocket perfect for diapers/wipes if you wish.

You can see it has several velcro options so that it can be attached to the side of the stroller like a saddle bag or to the top bar like a console or even to a grocery cart.   It is big enough to hold the ipad, my huge travel wallet and lots else. I wish I had had this to use during the airport travels last week! It is easy to un velcro in throw in my purse when we board.

It comes in TONS of colors but I like the black cause I like all my stroller stuff to match! ha

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And The Birthday Week Begins......

The countdown to peebs 1st Birthday is on! And sadly he is starting it with his very first stomach virus! I will have to say he is a good patient and is happy, but the clean up has been pretty taxing on this momma. 
For a few days he was not quite right, low grade fever, nasty diapers, decreased appetite and I attributed all of that to teething. Then about day 3 or 4 he had a million blow out diapers ( poor bubs all that was under his watch) and that night he woke up and cry cried then went back to sleep. The next morning I discovered that he had been crying because he threw up! I felt TERRIBLE. 
All the next day he was happy, not hungry and a few bad diapers but then last night 1am he is throwing up again! He woke up screaming and sad, so we went to the playroom and played for hours in the middle of the night. I just could not bring myself to deal with the clean up right outta bed at 1am. He finally went back down around 3 I guess and woke up at 6am like usual. Thank GOD my momma and nonie are here to take over so I can sleep some! For now his only treatment is pedialite, and life as usually with about 200 extra baths in the mix.
So unpleasant but not as terrible as that bad cold he had when he was little. So stomach virus = gross but not as terrible to watch my boy with as breathing and fever problems. 

On the Party front my family has taken over the planning for me ( thank goodness) and it might end up being cute after all! Stay tuned. Primary color scheme!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fenn's First Year in Video

My dear sweet friend CB, is very talented with video. She has a side business of making sweet home movies from video and pics for your taste, be it sweet, funny etc. I asked her to make us  one for peeb's birthday present and I LOVE it. See it below

Fenn Graham - Year One from Cory Holder on Vimeo.

Funny this is I barely even remember most of that and am so glad we have those videos! He has certainly grown and changed a lot in the past year.

You can contact her at coryholder@gmail dot com if you would like to hire her services! Great for a 1st birthday party slideshow

Friday, July 22, 2011

Beauty Trials!

I have tried so many mascaras lately and this one is the one that I always come back to! How about you guys? I love this mascara!

I recently saw a commercial for their lip stain and am so curious if it really works. Have any of you tried it or do you have a lip stain that you recommend?

Don't forget to always check the Sephora Junkie Blog for tips, tricks and reviews on beauty products!


 Mom, CC, and Nonie are all on their way to Nashville to get ready for the piggle pants 1st Birthday! I can't wait to have some baby sitters so i can finish the 12 million projects I have around this house!

I installed LION os X on my macbook today! I like it a lot so far. LOVE the email upgrades
 and the launchpad

- We got an offer on our house! More on that later, as you know nothing is ever certain in house selling world.

- 7 days till my bub-a-lubs turns 32!

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cousin Chloe Has Cellulitis

Our niece has been in Vandy Children's hospital this week with Cellulitis. I asked my SIL if I could show you guys pics on the blog, and she said it was fine.  I think all new mommies can agree that knowledge is power and this was something I have never even heard of so I am guessing you all have not either! Here's to learning!
So first of all little Chlo is fine, she is there getting IV antibiotics.

You can read more about Cellulitis HERE. Basically she probably had a scratch or a scrape on her foot and bacteria of some sort got in there and gave her a bacterial skin infection.
Sunday night her foot started swelling and her mom drew a circle around it to monitor the redness and swelling.
Monday morning it was worse so they went to the Pedi and got some antibiotics.
 Tuesday it was still worse and not better and the pedi admitted them to the Hospital for a round of IV antibiotics. It eventually was so swollen the skin broke and leaked. Little Chlo was a trooper though and never worried much about it or cried or anything she just limped occasionally or will point to it and jibber alot.

 She does not enjoy Doctors or nurses so the worst of it for her was hetting her IV. Poor Baby!
 But otherwise she has just been chilling there for a few days while they monitor the progress.
 This is her little IV arm.
She has had lots of visitors and trinkets delivered to her! We love you little Chlo and are thankful you are OK !! xoxo

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Traveling with a Baby.. Part 1

You may or may not have noticed how much we have been traveling lately. It has been a TON. We were pretty good travelers before peebs, and I am slowly learning how to do this smoothly with a booboo.

Here are some of my tricks/tips:

I pack his own suitcase. I like all of his stuff grouped together for various reasons, but it is nice if you need to just grab a bag real quick you know which one is his and where all his stuff is. I use a rolling carry on size suitcase. Inside it is split into halves and on the left side I pack his gear:
  • portable high chair
  • sound machine
  • his toiletry kit
  • disposable diapers and wipes
  • Travel Toys
These things stay in his suitcase even after we get home so it is nice to keep them on their own side. The other side is where I pack his clothes and fluffies, extra bibs & Books. I have found it better to have much more than I expect  to need with the clothes.
When we fly, I use a HUGE suitcase and pack myself on one side and him on the other side. ( see pics below)

Skip Hop Via Backpack Diaper Bag, Green

I recently found the Skip Hop Diaper Backpack at my discount store for $5! That is an amazing deal, but it did have a rip on the inside ( I covered it with tie-dye duct tape) and all is well now.  I had read about this bag on some kid sites where it was recommended for travel, especially airline travel and I have to say it exceeds my expectations. I am in love with this bag! It is not super beautiful, just practical. It also needs to be made of more durable materials based on the reviews, and seeing the rip in my bag.
My beautiful diaper bag is much bigger than this backpack, but somehow the backpack holds more! The changing pad that comes with the backpack is kind of crappy, so I took it out and used my other changing pad.

Here is a quick breakdown of the pockets:

 This is the big opening of the backpack where i stash the toys. That way they are separate from all the necessities and don't get in the way when I am looking for other stuff.
Travel Toys (for diaper bag) take some thought. They need to be :
light weight
washable so you can clean them after every trip
quiet ( so as not to disturb others on  the plane etc)
somewhat small

Here are some toys that I think would make great travel toys based on my research. I don't own them all as PB is a little young for some of them.

Suitcase looks a little different on each trip but here is an example:
 Since baby clothes are small, there is lots of room for gear. Clothes, bibs, diapers, swimsuit, outdoor kit , travel high chair, baby carrier, electronics bag, toiletry bag and toy bag. Right before we leave I add his Fluffies and special books
 Travel Toys (yes another clear plastic bag kit). These never leave the suitcase except to be cleaned so that they are always new on each trip.  I chose toys that are light weight, plastic for easy washing. After each trip I wash them in the kitchen sink in a soap and clorox mixture. Those blocks are foam (so light weight and easy to wash). He loves them.
 A bag for sound machine and baby monitor and I keep an extension cord in there as well just incase. More times than not it comes in handy.
So basically the easiest way to travel with babe is try and keep it as simple as possible, (but still have everything you need) and have a dedicated suitcase with "to go" stuff that stays packed so that you can just add clothes, This also really helps when you get home and it is usually bed time, I don't have to unpack his whole suitcase to put him to bed at night.

That is part 1 because I have too much more to add for one post! I can tell you this past trip we stayed 4 nights, and each night was in a different place/city. I forgot his pack n play sheet the camera to the monitor, and after that blowout in the airport I realized some things my diaper bag was missing! Stay Tuned.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Florida Friends Visit Day 3 & 4

We spent days 3 & 4 of Florida whirlwind trip in Englewood & Tampa ! It was our first meeting of our friends' kids! Below you can see Peebs was thrilled about that photo op! He did have a great time with their son Nicholas' toys!

This is E and Fenn with Marty and his son Everette! Everette is gonna be a big boy too. Their stats at 4 months were identical. Funny enough we had the same little baseball outfit so we dressed them alike!
They didn't know what to make of each other!
It was a wild 4 days staying somewhere different with a baby every night but we had fun and its good to be home and back into a regular nap routine!

Monday Randomosity....

We are back from our trip to Florida and it was quite the whirlwind! I have a post coming soon about traveling with a baby! I def. made a few mistakes on this trip that I learned from.

- Now I am super busy unpacking everything and washing EVERYTHING. After every trip I like to clean all his toys in bleach water and most all his equipment is due for a deep cleaning so travel highchair, changing mat, stroller seat etc.

- This trip just secured how much we LOVE our stroller. I highly recommend the Baby Jogger City Select for all you mommies out there.

 - I need a recommendation from you all on a good stain remover. What is your favorite kind? Do those Tide  To Go Sticks really work?

- My boy will be one in TEN days! How is this possible?

- Fall consignment season has started and I have SO much to price and tag and get ready for.Baby gear changes a lot every year ( and also takes up ALOT of space) so I just decided to sell stuff rather than hang on to it for baby # 2.

 - I am working on series of posts to conclude piggles first year and my 1st year as a mom. Stay Tuned. I plan to cover all my mistakes and decisions I am proud of.

- Did any of you watch the Teen Mom Reunion shows? Talk about bringing on the water works. I just LOVE the Tyler/Kailen story so much and think they are such sweet kids.

How was everyone else's weekend?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Florida Trip Day 2: Sebastian

After Orlando, we drove to Sebastian to see Erik's paternal grandparents ! I wore my new green dress!

They were so sweet and spoiled our boy with lots of love, birthday gifts and birthday cake! This is Trevor their new pound pup! He was precious and very happy living with them! They have a beautiful pool and peebs had a blast in it!

Presents and cake!

Family Pics:

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Florida Trip Day 1: Orlando

Crazy times on the plane! This is after one major, and I do mean MAJAH poop explosion from peebs before boarding. I had to bathe him in the bathroom sink ! He had a great time in the plane and never even noticed pressure changes...

We went to visit Bubs maternal grandmother and take her to dinner! We had so much fun. Peebs at this point was really struggling from the lack of proper naps and he showed out some.

And we even made a little time for an Ikea run and an upscale outlet mall! I got some great deals at the outlet! Orlando has great shopping! @forthelovemel you need to check out the Kate spade diaper bags at the outlet! They were awesomely priced!

We are all super tired and my boy is super overtired and angry right now. Protesting from the pack n play. Tomorrow I will try much harder to get his 2 solid naps in! Whew! He is not near as much fun without naps!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ipad Stroller Mod

For those of you who didn't think I was crazy before now, well I am sure you are about to change your mind! ha 
Wait till you see my latest invention! I rigged a way to hang the ipad from Peebs stroller and it is pretty dang handy! 
Now I am sure the Judgy McJudgersons out there are having a field day with this, and talking about me behind my back for letting peebs watch TV, and you know what... HAVE AT IT haters.  I am not the least bit concerned about that nor am I interested in everyone's opinions on kids watching TV. 
  When we travel, peebs needs some perks and I need my sanity. I like to think other travelers are appreciative of our considerations for entertaining him so that he does not scream in the airport/plane etc.
**steps down off soapbox**

You can watch the YouTube Video of this here:

We had a YARDSALE this Weekend!

We had a yard sale this weekend and it was nuts! I have been calling Goodwill to come pick up all this crap in our Garage for weeks but they could never come when we were home to open Garage so... finally I decided I would just have a yard sale.
  Erik thought this was a ridiculous idea and that no one would come and he was not excited, but he did agree to help me haul the junk out there! Stevie was here and he said he would help too. I told them I would split my profits with them evenly! We all got up at 5:30 ! Wowsa! That was So early. WHO gets up before their baby wakes them?

So after all my experience I can tell you the Yard Sale was TOTALLY worth the effort because not only did we make $400 we also cleared out a ton of junk from our garage and basement and its so clean now. That was a GREAT feeling. FYI the most customers come between 7:30 am and 2pm. The people watching /experience was hilarious. I had a group of 3 older dudes who yard sale together every weekend. They came to my yard sale about 6 times and each time they came back one of them had a wife or daughter with them. HA 
After we got tired of being ou there we made everything $1 and that really moved some junk! We plan to have another one real soon after we do some major cleaning out!

My boy did join us outside quite a bit and he loved it! He loved people watching and watching cars drive by.

Some of our neighbors even participated with sales in their yards! Alec had a lemonade and brownie stand! How cute is that?

At the start of the day, my husband had agreed to watch peebs because he gets SO embarrassed talking to strangers. Every time someone drove up he would run inside till they left!( By the end of the day he was also enjoying the yard sale and even manned the cash counter when I ran an errand!) But.. when I went inside to see why my baby was making noise, this is how daddy was babysitting.....Yo Gabba Gabba and a laundry basket! HA

and my helper nephew who couldn't wait for the sale so he could make some summer cash... yeah he slept through the whole thing.
with his body guard the Ralphanator
and then Sunday night we had a Graham Family pizza night and the cousins got to play. It was so fun. Little Chloe who is 18 mos now can communicate these days and it was so cute. She has lots of words and wants to play a lot and climb around. It was so cute! I think Peebs gets really jealous of her though because she would play with toys he had not touched in months but all of sudden he was interested in them... ha

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