Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WWDC Annoucement #1 : ios5

This week is the World Wide Developers Conference where Apple always makes fun announcement and launches! I was on pins and needles following it online all morning waiting on them to announce iphone 5. No such luck. I guess the analysts were right when they predicted a Fall launch. I am just shocked that Apple broke their normal roll out schedule!
They did however announce some GREAT stuff! I will try to summarize it as easy as I can for you guys!

First Announcement was for ios5 ( a new operating system for iphone/ipod/ipad)
This new software will change lots of stuff like :
  • A really cool new way of showing alerts, where it pops up in the top of the screen in a small bar and shows what is happening like a new email and who from or a new text and who from and clips of text. If you want to reply you can touch that notification and it will open up whatever app it is notifying you about.
  • Send and receive unlimited MMS text messages over wifi to iphone/ipad/itouch. This will be great for say when I want to text my cousin and she used her ipod. No need for that free text app that was so messy now! 
  • newstand app - which is just like ibooks but for magazines/newspapers. Love this as I have been using Zinio for magazines. Magazines weigh a TON when you travel and make a mess on the coffee table and i have gotten rid of all that with the ipad!  Now with pintrest I can save all the stuff i like and read so easily. No more torn out scraps of paper!
  • Reminders : A to do list app that integrates with ical.
  • Twitter integration into everything! Even the camera so that you can tweet a pic straight from your camera. *awesome* love all of these twitter features.
  • Quick access to the camera in the lock screen! Lots of camera changes. red eye, instant photo fixes
  •  Multi-tab browsing in safari with built in "Read later" tabs
  • wireless Syncing
  • Airplay
  • Updates to imail and ical
That is just a few of the 200+ updates.
You can read the full release from apple complete with pictures HERE

Click HERE to watch a quick Video demo of the features. It is much easier to absorb that way!

This (ios5) will be released in the fall and will be free software upgrade for all ipads, the last 2 ipod touches and iphone 3gs and iphone 4.


Susannah said...

Awesome updates! Cannot wait to hit that up!!! Nice apple reporting hooch, as usual!

melissa said...

Thanks for the update and simplification! Just what I needed to understand what's new without all the tech talk I don't understand. Love it!

Alex said...

This needs to happen tomorrow because I can't wait until the fall! Apple is amaze! An iPad 2 is being added to my birthday list stat! Thanks for the simple explanation, LG! I'm sure I will need some further tutoring when this launches!

Mrs. Holder said...

Going to love all these changes! Rock on Apple with your bad self! :)

Anna said...

Thank you so much for the recap! I'm slowly becoming a major Apple/Mac fan!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am so impressed with how much you have already played with it!

grizaham said...

i love announcements!!

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