Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weekend Recap..

Friday - Sunday our friends the Warrens were in town from Birmingham for the Jimmy Buffett Concert! There was a big street party downtown on Saturday. Interesting characters all around! Case in point : this guy with the white shoes and socks below. Or his friend dressed up like a captain! ha

We all had lunch at the new Margaritaville on Broadway! It was really fun! Peebs enjoyed himself!
Then Sunday afternoon/night we had a cookout for Memorial Day! It was fun !

Dan brought over his game. Let's call it beanbag game, cause I hate the word "cornhole".  We talked bubs into coming outside, even though the cicadas were everywhere. Earlier that day he had a mental breakdown because as he was trying to cut the grass for our party he got swarmed.. i thought he was exaggerating till I read online about how lawn equipment attracts them because it mimicks a mating call HA He did get swarmed after all.. and the Cicada attempt at sexing him up nearly ruined his life. Bubs hates bugs. All Grahams do.
Watermelon! My Favorite.
And even my boy had fun! He and walky had a baby party in the Pack n Play so they would not wander off or eat strange things!

and remember those Cicadas I was telling you about? Check it:
 They are out in Biblical proportions!! I normally call them "Locusts" which I thought was an Alabama ( where I am from) term. Turns out, Locust is literally more of a grasshopper but the term is in the bible and so people refer to these breeding years for cicadas to those locusts swarms of the old days! I still can not make myself say "Cicada" ....

so basically no one in TN is going outside because they are EVERYWHERE and get all up on you!


AndreaLeigh said...

I love the sound of cicadas but those are scary things! They are all over the new house!

Cas said...

Thank God they've all left us here in South Alabama. I heard they don't like and we've been having the heat lately.

Sarah Stanley said...

Cicadas are sup scary. Also, I loathe the term "cornhole." Glad I'm not the only one!

Mrs. Holder said...

Fun weekend! Cornholing Locusts!

melissa said...

Whenever I hear about locusts/cicadas swarming, I always think about the Little House on the Prairie books. There was a locust swarm in one of those and I've never seen one in real life so that's my only association with locusts!

jenn said...

All Grahams DO hate bugs!!!! These Cicadas need to go back into their little underground world!

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