Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Visiting Another College Bestie in the ATL

So after 2 nights of Phish in Alpharetta, visiting Emma and HME .. we were off to IKEA and to stay the night with another bestie from college. She and her family of 4 have JUST moved into a new house this week and it is so pretty!   The previous owners had done some great upgrades to this cottage and her backyard is AMAZING. I have so much trouble trying to figure out what to do with our backyard. It is in need of lots of love but I just have not been that inspired...until now! Look at this beautiful swing set that came with!
 My boy loves to swing so E gave him her extra ! So sweet!
 Loved all the landscaping!
bubs and her daughter playing!

 This deck was awesome because the wood was really smooth and nice. It had an uncovered grill deck and then screened in with fans at the top and nice wide stairs that were not steep, so easy to navigate with little legs and little feet.
We had a fantastic visit. It is just so CRAZY to hang with my oldest girlfriends and for us to see our kids together. I never, in a million years, pictured this back in our good ole Auburn days!  One of my favorite things about going to visit friends is learning tips and tricks from them for all sorts of things like child rearing, cooking , house, shopping ... anything ! I shall share some of what I learned with y'all later this week!
One thing, her kids called the ipad  the "ipatch" which is HILARIOUS and henceforth shall be called the IPATCH around this house.
Another thing that was funny to me is her daughter asked me
" do you have a booboo aunt laura?"
ME: (thinking she was referring to me always bruised up legs) said "yes"
KiKi: * grabs my nose ring *and said "will it go away" (or something like that)
ME: "Oh, yes i can take it out. You don't like it?"
KiKi: " No I dont. Take it out!" and she asked me several times over the 2 days to take it out.

Ironically, Wilburs my nephew has the same opnion of that nose piercing!Kids are funny.... and honest.

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grizaham said...

those kiddos are cutos!

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