Monday, June 20, 2011

Pinterest Projects #2 : Father's Day Art!

I saw this on pinterest and thought it would be  a great idea for my bub's 1st Father's Day.

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

He May have missed the paper a time or 2:
And it did not turn out as pretty and perfect as the one from etsy but, it is authentic art from a 10 month old!

Fenn also got his daddy a funny card and this sweet, sweet ,board book. Since bubs does storytime the most around here I thought it would be a sweet book for their time together.
My Dad Loves Me
Then we spent the rest of the day running errands and getting bubs his favorite food snacks like tacos off a taco truck, and Buffalo Wild Wings. When E was getting peebs out of his car seat at BWW we discovered quite a situation! I had forgotten to change his diaper while we were out and about and he had overloaded it! Poop was everywhere. Thank goodness I had an extra outfit for him in the car. Made for a good 1st Father's Day memory as we were stripping him down, bathing him off and laughing till we cried out there in the parking lot.

What did you all do for Father's Day?


Anna said...

Glad this turned out better than the last Pinterest experiment! It's so cute! I'm still not brave enough to try art with my two. :)

grizaham said...

I love my presents! Thanks little Fenn!

Julie Bray said...

You have the best ideas! Sounds like a perfectly imperfect Father's Day!

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