Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mid-week Randomosity .....

Completely random thoughts :

  • You know what I hate? People who don't RSVP and do you know who is the WORST RSVP person EVER? ME. UGH. Makes me so mad at myself. It's ridiculous. How old am I again?
  • I totally bought a pair of cut off shorts at American Eagle this month, (how old am I again?) but they are my fav shorts and really the only pair I have that fit me this year so I basically wear them every day, OR my neon teeny bopper shorts from Victorias Secret LOL. Maybe I am having a mid-life redneck crisis?
  • Blogger has some new cool features! Blog on that coming soon!
  • Little bro ( aka our nephew Stevie) has been with us this week and he is now 14! YIKES and teen years are crazy! He does still think I am cool and have good style so I do enjoy that pat on the back. He is quite the night owl, and I can't decide if I should make him have a decent bedtime or not because I remember those days, and I just think well it is summertime who cares?! I have debated about it all day! Also Auntee's house is supposed to be FUN!  anyway.. good practice for later years. 
  • I have finally looked into Evernote ( iphone app) and am hooked. No wonder everyone raves about it so much.Blog on that later
  • Have y'all ever seen the Wiggles? That show is WHACK. soooo odd.
  • Are y'all watching RHWNJ? I am so glad it is back on! I wanna try some of Tre's recipes! Has anyone bought her cookbook? Those peeps are CRAZY. That Christening about gave me a heart attack!
    • Game of Thrones is my new favorite show. LOVE it. Who else watches?
  • Any of you that own a pair of Toms can you tell me how long it takes to break them in?


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am obsessed with any and ever city of Real Housewives ... and I bet those shorts are darling on you!

Courtney said...

You already know about my GOT obsesh. I can't get enough. Sad there are only a few more episodes this season!!

Matthew said...

It only takes about 2 and a half seconds to break in a pair of Toms shoes. I LOVE THEM. I need one in every color and style--they are SO comfortable. *I am receiving no payment of any kind from Toms, Inc. However, I would not refuse any such payment. Thank you.*

KM said...

The Wiggles is C's fav show. I think he likes all the dancing and singing. The hubs and I sing the songs daily....even when C is NOT in the room. We are "those" parents.

I love my TOMS shoes. I think it took a solid day and I was hooked. They feel so good once you put them on but when they break in they feel like good comfy slippers. I wear mine all the time!


Julie Bray said...

I'm with Matthew, my Toms broke in within a few second. LOVE them! I want another pair. Maybe it's the not wearing socks with shoes like that.....It was different for me.

Well, now why don't you RSVP....? That made me laugh. You are always on top of those cute sweet thank you cards!

Never seen the Wiggles. We seem to only watch Sesame Street & Einstein. Just don't watch a lot I guess.... But I would like some recommendations of new good fun shows for Ben!

The Robertson Family said...

I LOVE my Toms. I have two pairs and just had to stop wearing one because i had holes in them...they are awesome all year around! I plan to get a new pair this fall! I am sort of suprised you dont have a pair! They dont take anytimeto break in...they are cozy from day one. MY sister in law has the wedges and loves those too, but the flats are classic! Jennifer R.

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