Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meeting Harrison McCary Edwards!!

We arrived in ATL yesterday and I spent the evening visiting @edwardsedition, our Goddaughter and her new bro HME. OF COARSE peebles acted all kinds of ugly when we were there, screaming, unhappy, inconsolable.. Sooo embarrassing. He is in a very challenging phase right now, where he is too young to discipline or punish or talk to about his behavior... (Correct me if I am wrong about that)

Emmabear loved my iPad and peebs cheesypoofs! He can eat her under the table any day! Sidenote: he is wearing an interesting outfit designed by his daddy in honor of the Phish tour, his "esquandolas" shirt .....
I LOVE these pics of her leading him to her playroom! Even though she can walk she crawled along side him. Seeing little kids communicate is fascinating to me.

(she crawls much faster than he does) ha

The new family!! Aren't they precious!!

And I really want one of these for my iPad so when peebs and friends play with it I don't have to worry! It is called "iguy" from Speck Products

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Marion said...

My baby wise II book so it's ok to start saying no and correcting them. In my experience, it doesn't work yet though. I just get a big smile or laugh!

Linzy said...

WAIT! when did he start crawling!!?

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I started saying "no" to BG around that age, but she just laughed. I have heard to only use it for the more important things or they'll start to tune it out. I'm not so sure it made any difference but she does leave some of that stuff alone so... maybe?

grizaham said...

harrison and emma are cuties!
love the i-guy as well!

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