Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Iphone App Reviews: IKEA shopping app SwedeShop

In honor of our 1st trip to IKEA and the fabulous fun that we had, I thought it would be a great time to review some IKEA apps. You can download the IKEA official app which is just a catalogue OR you can buy for 99 cents some 2nd party apps that are quite useful in your IKEA shopping experience.
You may not be aware, but MOST of the stuff in IKEA is in a huge warehouse, you walk through mock rooms and see tags on all the stuff, you write down the tag number, aisle and bin number, then you go to the warehouse and get your stuff from the appropriate shelves, then you go to the check out. So having an app where you create shopping lists, and record some of the things you liked on the floor is awesome. I totally forgot my $2 spice rack shelves which were the very reason I wanted to go there in the 1st place!!
So app #1 SwedeShop is pretty awesome. It has a section for the things you can actually grab when walking through the store, and it has a section for warehouse retrieval info.

It allows you to make a budget, enter tax, and keeps a running total of your items, which is awesome! All it needs now is a bar code scanner for instant adds.
Next time I go back, I am gonna buy a billion of these pantry canisters. They are **AWESOME** ! But that is a post for another day......

and as it turns out, all the other IKEA apps were AWFUL so don't waste your time or money!


Anna said...

What a neat app! I am absolutely dying to go to IKEA. I'll remember to get this before I go though.

grizaham said...

It felt like an amusement park in there! Good food too!

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