Saturday, June 11, 2011

Griza Garden Updates

These disgusting jokers are EVERYWHERE. I kept seeing peeps on twitter talking about it and I didn't get it, cause it was not that bad here yet,but with that last storm it is unbelievable!

and Ralphie is scared to death to go outside, but Flossers thinks its an all day buffet of special delicacies. She eats them by the mouthful.

Here are our hydrangeas from last year. Looking healthy but not really blooming yet
You guys may remember when my momma was here after PB was born for  a few weeks, she and bubs found hydrangeas on sale for $2.50 each and they bought a truck load! They landscaped our back yard with Hydrangeas and hosta which are really thriving. No blooms on these at all yet though!
My birthday rose bush from Alex last year, it looks so pitiful in this picture but I promise before the last storm it was doing amazing and had TONS of blooms! I need to spray it this week.

and our ever beautiful lillies! Starting to bloom!

You can see in this picture how TALL they are. The come up to my chest!
Last year Garden Pics

This post is about 2 weeks old and does not include veggies and herbs. *sorries*


Gina said...

Your house is adorable!!

grizaham said...

The locusts are gone! We can have our life back!!

Jessica said...

I am full-on jealous of those gorgeous lilies!

Matthew said...

Those lilies really are incredible. Love it!

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