Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Friday Randomosity .....

Couple of Random thoughts and questions here :

  • If I get ONE more spammer offering to show me nekkid pics of some celebrity I shall scream. For this reason I am gonna have to put word verification back on comments for a minute. I get no less than 50 spam comments a day. 
  • Have any of you ever heard of Zemanta? It is a blogger tool you can download and add on to your browser ( and it shows up in blogger) . I just installed today and its pretty cool. I shall continue to try it out and report back. 
  • Tennille the fabulous blog designer made me an awesome signature for my emails with workable buttons.. kind of like wisestamp but prettier!

  • I am so sad about Game of Thrones being over! I am thinking of reading the books!
I am SO over trying to find clothes to fit my big dino-baby! He is HUGE and they just don't make baby clothes for kids his size ! So unfair. I want some rompers like this:
I am having major computer problems. I lost my entire iphoto library and have no iphoto right now. As annoying as that is, I do not have the energy or time required to try and work with this. I did make one trip to the Apple store in attempts to remedy and this is starting to remind me of what happend 2 years ago when it took a million people to get my iphoto back. Thank GOD i backed up.  If I had lost all of my maternity and Fenn's 1st year photos I would straight up VOMIT.

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Brandy@YDK said...

sorry to hear about the iphoto. what a pain.

Tiny Ocean said...

"straight up VOMIT" HAHAHA I fell off my chair laughing at that!

grizaham said...


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