Wednesday, June 15, 2011

FREE Book Downloads in iBooks

I am thinking about posting weekly on free book downloads available on Kindle and Ipad. Are any of you interested in that idea? Please comment or vote in the margin ! Thanks!
iBooks actually has a lot of free books right now that are interesting:

 Bobby Flay Cook Book! Sweet!
 Here is my library with a bunch of free downloads. (Michael Polland was not free )


Anna Cole said...

YES! Free Books please... I just got a Kindle and find it overwhelming to try and sort through the bookstore... My mom just got an IPAD, so I can pass the free downloads along to her! Thanks!

Jessica said...

Do it! I would LOVE this kind of a post!

Courtney said...

I don't see a vote section in the margin, but YES I would love this idea. Especially since (fingers crossed) I will have an iPad or a Kindle in two months!!

Anna said...

Great idea! I actually subscribe to Pixel of Ink, and they send an email every day with free/reduced Kindle books. It's great because it's hard to sort through all of that. Can iPads do Kindle books?

grizaham said...

I dont read that much but when i do, i read real books.

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