Monday, June 6, 2011

DeLurking and What Not...

Last Month was my best blogging month EVER! I am so pleased and so excited about that and want to thank you all for reading and supporting!
I would love love LOVE for those of you who read in secret to follow this blog via the friend connect and facebook boxes in the right margin! It is important for me to show high numbers in those areas in order to get picked to review stuff and have fun giveaways!
Then my fabulous blog designer, seriously FABULOUS. I have never stuck with a blog designer this long, but this girl completes me in all design related things and she has fair pricing!  Anyways...
I asked her to make me some groovy new buttons for my sidebar and told her what I kinda wanted them to look like and she totally fixed me up!

So you can see the email me button, Then Follow me on Pinterest, facebook, twitter or RSS feed! Also a box to sign up for email subscription because I know some of you ( Cary) still prefer that way!

While blogging is a hobby and is fun, it is actually my passion and I have big dreams... like DOOCE. ( dream big or go home) soo I take it quite seriously and am always evolving toward my dream goal. I really appreciate all the support thus far and am shamelessly begging for some more! ha

Like Grab my button!
67% of my readers are here from other blogs or referral!
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And one more random thing! I get some great comments from "Amy" but I don't know if that is Amy Wooten, Amy Bougue, Amy Love, Amy Faulk, Amy Anderson, HA I know alot of Amys! So please let me know who that is so I can respond!

--- Oh and one last thing... I get a lot of emails from you guys asking me about different stages of PB's life, and you know I can't really remember ANY of that! ha So... I made that page at the top that says "DIY"  more of a FAQ and you can find links to my summary of each month.


Anonymous said...

Haha! I got called out, didn't I? I'm actually none of those Amys! I'm a totally random Amy...I live in Tuscaloosa and I just stumbled upon your blog one day. It's great and I love reading it. We're trying to have a baby right now, and then I will start my own blogging adventures. In the meantime I am researching all things baby and patiently awaiting the end of the month so that I can finally get an iphone.

Brandy@YDK said...

i love that you have a pinterest button. now i want one!

LG said...

welcome amy !! So glad to hear you are a new follower .. and a good commenter! Thanks! You need a gmail acct so you can blog and have an email address linked to your comments for response!
Brandy I am OBSESSED with pinterest!

grizaham said...

My name is Erik!!

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