Friday, June 10, 2011

Blogger Has Some Cool New Updates...

Blogger has released some new updates and in case y'all have not seen them I will give you a few quick highlights:
  • They have added the option of a virtual tip jar, where people can send you money. That is awesome because, for instance, all of my bloggy friends who I want to send baby presents to, I can just throw a tip in their jar instead because in blog world you don't always know peoples real name or their address etc. Click here for steps on how to add a tip jar.
  • There is a new feature google in introducing called +1 which is basically a way to endorse products, webpages, articles etc. You can watch the intro video here
  • You can change your settings to enable a mobile version of your blog to appear for people who read on their cell phones! Click here to read more about that. Here is what the mobile version of my blog looks like :

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