Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby Fenn is 11 Months Old!


Weight: 28 lbs and some ounces...

Size Clothes:  24 mos.

New Tricks/Milestones :
* Crawling!! He finally did it. At first he would just crawl if he needed something but this week he has enjoyed just moving around to do it, and he has the most perfect posture and crawl you have ever seen! It is so smooth it looks like he is moon walking sometimes..

* He does not pull up yet, but he thinks about it. He pulls up on his knees, and stays like that. ha
* He enjoys pushing his highchair around the house on it's wheels.

Toys & Baby Gear:

Things we use most these days are : Ipad, Boon Flair High Chair, 

I recently discovered this washing tray from OxO at Buy Buy Baby and I love it! It expands to fit whatever you put it and takes up less space than traditional boxes, Easier to load as well.

Favorite Non Toys:
* Water Bottles
* My Car Keys
* Watching the cars drive by our house
* the iphone!!
* Peek-A-Boo

Eating & Food:

Fenn seems to be showing preference for certain foods lately. He does ALOT of grunting to communicate his needs/feelings. He is still eating ALOT.
Typically : Oatmeal with pureed fruit for breakfast
Mum Mums or Cheese puffs for snack
Homemade Puree for lunch, maybe mixed with formula sometimes
Afternoon snack of some sort
Dinner is generally self fed, items like the spinach nuggets. He really prefers to feed himself these days and I look forward to the day he can do that at each meal.

I only nurse him once a day now, right when he wakes up in the morning. He still won't take a bottle or sippy cup by himself but he will take sips from a sippy that has no stopper in it and IF i am holding it.  I had to buy my first can of formula this week, because we used up the free ones that came in the mail !

Cloth Diaper Update:
My favorite diapers right now are Charlie Banana. They are fantastic pocket diapers. We no longer are using disposables at night. I realized once I stopped nursing him all night long he didn't teetee near as much at night! ha I use a Thirsties hemp insert in addition to his regular insert at night ( just in case)
In disposable news he wears a size 5 now! We had a disgusting blow out in public that made me realize, his diapers were too small! ha (I still use disposables when we travel.)
My sweet precious spoiled baby is still sleeping through the night! Its amazing! and wonderful!! I have noticed that the saying " The more they sleep, the MORE they sleep" is so true. If he goes to bed at 7pm he will sleep till 7am. If he goes to bed at 7:30 or later he is up at 5:30 am. No Joke.
Currently he has 5 teeth that are in and I think another one on the way up top because his nose started running today and a runny nose = a tooth (and sometimes = ear infection too)

 Books: We still really love the Lullabye Book, The Little Blue Truck and A Mud pie for Mother. I think he really loves his little book time every day.
 A Mud Pie for MotherLull-a-bye Little OneLittle Blue Truck

He has stopped throwing his fits at diaper changes. I got annoyed with that and spent an entire day trying to extinguish that behavior and I am happy to report that it worked. I can tell that he knows what "No" Means  and he understands when I am getting on to him so I would hold him down and look him in the eye firmly and say NO ( not no no or please don't or anything but NO) and he would cry and kick and try to roll around but after I won all day he gave up and lays there patiently. (most times) but no more screaming.
He responds well to me telling him no when he is about to pull the DVR out of the cabinet or things like that.
I guess our newest challenge is this grunting/whine noise he makes when he is frustrated but I generally don't know what he wants when he does that.

What's in the Diaper Bag at 11 mos?:
Diapers, Wipes, Changing Pad, Food pouches, boon spoons, bib, Mum Mums, Medicine Pouch, Sunblock, Mosquito repellent wipes, change of clothes, tiny diner place mat, bag of cheese puffs, toys, ipad.

11 Month Photo Shoot:

He loves this puffed out pose. He does it often when he is proud about something.
 Showing off his toofies..
 Now that he has some hair growing on the back of his head, he won't stop grabbing at it.

I recently saw this old picture of me eating jelly toast and I have a picture of Peebs eating Jelly toast where we favor alot. What do you guys think?

This is a really fun age and I'm sad he keeps getting older! Just means it is almost time for another baby! (soon as i can wrap my head around the idea of being pregs again)HA
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Cheryl E. said...

He is getting to be such a big boy!! Love that sailor oufit...adorable.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

He is such a big boy!! And so well dressed!!

You guys do look alike in that picture. He's just bigger!!

grizaham said...

Love that boy!
He really is the cutest and he loves those 3 books no doubt!

Watching him crawl and make silly noises really is awesome!

STop growing Fenn!!!

Mrs. Holder said...

I miss you Fenners...we need a reunion/playdate soon! You are such a good little buddy. Love you! :)

KM said...

He is so cute. I love his hair! You always have him dressed to the 9! Happy 11 months Fenn!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Seriously a stud muffin!!

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