Friday, June 3, 2011

Baby Fenn is 10 Months Old!

Height: 31.5 Inches
Weight: 27.1 lbs.

Size Clothes:  24 months!

New Tricks/Milestones :
  • sitting up on his own ( as in able to get to the sit up position from crawling or being on his belly)
  • crawling ( what is funny about this is he doesn't just crawl constantly, he ONLY does it when he needs to fetch something or is coming to see me)
  • banging 2 toys together
  • pitching fits ( see below)

Toys & Baby Gear:
Still really loving our (Boon Flair) high chair because we use it soooo much and it is so easy to clean. Also love that you can order more parts for it from their website for basically cost. So you could change up the color scheme or replace any broken or lost parts easily.

The Fisher Price Farm Gate
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Farm

This sassy suction toy is pretty awesome. My boy loves things that spin, and this fits in the diaper bag nicely so when in a restaurant you can suction it to the top of the table to keep him entertained. Would work well on an airplane too!

Sassy Clarified Fascination Station Suction Toy

Favorite Non Toys:
Lotion bottles
boogie wipes package

Favorite Books:

Little Blue Truck
Little Blue Truck

Eating & Food:
He is still eating ALOT. I would say close to 6 small jars of baby food or 3 big ones each meal.  I began herbs when he was 9 mos old so
Sweet potatoes with cinnamon
apples with cinnamon
Green Beans with Rosemary
Squash with Thyme
He enjoyed all of those!

I am only nursing about once a day now. Sometimes more but I don't experience any engorgement or pain these days so that is nice. He still refuses to drink out of a sippy cup which is making me nervous! I know he needs hydration! Yesterday I decided to put red kool-aid in the sippy and see if that would be better motivation and it totally was. He enjoyed that red koolaid something fierce! Instead of slapping the cup away he was reaching for it! I will start doing this over the next few days and see if he can continue to learn to drink from it and like it.
Nuby 2 Handle Cup with Spout, Colors May Vary, 7 OunceThis is my favorite sippy currently. He does  not have one of those leak guards which makes it hard to get the liquid out, but it does not leak when he slings it and throws it. Plus he likes biting on it , i think it feels good to the teeth!

Cloth Diaper Update:
  I recently discovered Charlie Banana Cloth diapers and I Love them! I enjoy the way they stuff, ( in the front) and that they carry an option to be hybrid diapers. They fit him really well as he is a big boy, these come in sizes or in a One size option.  The included inserts are nice and each diaper comes with 2 inserts. Also nice that these are carried by major retailers so you can register for them. One of my biggest irritations with cloth diaper stores is they NEVER have everything in stock that you want, so if you end up ordering the things you want you have to pay shipping several times. To prevent this I started ordering from Amazon. I heart Amazon.

Sleep: ( see previous post)
 Hooray Hooray, He sleeps all night now! WHEW. That was not near as horrible as I expected it to be and we are all better for it! He also naps better now. 2 hours at 9am and 2 hours at 2 pm. I have to say I do enjoy the predictability.
We have encountered some new problems though, now that he has learned to move in bed he stays in there playing around when he is supposed to be sleeping! He had a crying jag last week, which you may have seen me twitter about, well turns out we had forgotten his blubear at Auntee Julie's house and once we got blubear back the crying fits stopped. Coincidence? I think not! I promptly went out and bought a back up blubear and will put him in the rotation so he wont look all new in the event that he needs to do a stand in. HA

Personality :
I spend a lot of time wondering about his little personality and when we can tell what he will be like. For now he seems to be :
  • very impatient like his mother, 
  • goofy like his daddy, 
  • easy going like his daddy, 
  • easily entertains himself, 
  • enjoys food ALOT, 
  • a real charmer/ladies man. He loves to try and pick up women in the grocery store. Some stranger he was flirting with came over and kissed him all over the top of the head the other day! No lie.
  • Really needs his sleep ( like momma)
  • still a very happy fellow.
  • very rough, as in slamming toys, throwing things, etc. 
He has 3 teeth that are already in, and 3 more breaking the skin currently. He generally has a low grade temp and runny nose for about a week before his teeth break through. I wish I knew where to buy Highland Teething strips! I can not find them anywhere!
Blue = Already in
Red = Breaking in now


    Mrs. Holder said...

    I love that little guy like he was my own. He has a great spirit and is such a wonderful addition to the Grizas. Rock on baby Fenn!

    And the tooth diagram....I almost fell out of the recliner reading that. My dad will love that! :)

    grizaham said...

    Dang! Even his mad faces are cute!

    Great job on turning 10 months little dude!

    Anonymous said...

    I've heard that the Tommee Tippee cups are the best ever. They are supposed to be very easy to drink from (like as easy as cups without a spill-proof mechanism) and they won't spill. Win! That lady @ the grocery store was right, he is a charmer!

    Alex said...

    How is he so old?! Love this sweet boy! Ditto what Cory said, "Rock on Baby Fenn!" xoxo

    Brittany said...

    Happy 10 months Peebs!!

    Love the meltdown pictures. He's so cute - even when he's pissed!

    Amber said...

    Happy 10 months, Peebs!

    Susannah said...

    Oh precious baby Fenn, you are getting so big. I miss your sweet face! I love the tooth diagram, that is SO you! Ha! Also, I got Hyland's at the drug store, but it was the teething tablets. You can order them online.

    Melissa Tabor said...

    I can't even talk about how cute all the pics are--even the oh so sad crying pics--so fricken cute! Happy 10 months Fenn! You are loved!! <3

    Perfectly Imperfect said...

    So just an FYI, I heard Hyland's got recalled, so that may be why you can't find them anywhere. We've been using the Humphrey's teething tablets with great success. A thought...

    I can't believe he's ten months old!! And such a big boy! He weighs the same as my little one :)

    Anonymous said...

    He's adorable!

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