Thursday, June 23, 2011

1st Birthday Parties!!

My boy's 1st Birthday is upon us, and I hope I am not disappointing you all by not having him a big themed bash! Organized party throwing is just not my bag. I am more of a , "y'all come over, bring your friends, oh and there is nothing to eat here so bring food too" kind of gal. HA  Also I am not sure I could invite my friends to my booboo's party unless there was a keg involved, you know to make it more bearable and interesting LOL.
But that is not to say I don't enjoy all the 1st Birthdays you guys are planning! I love seeing all of the decorations and twitter chat about the parties you all are planning. In fact, maybe I will just print some of those pics for my boy's scrapbook and tell him that was HIS  party. HA
So .. when I came across this file on my computer I thought I should share it with you guys! It is a birthday party planning checklist. I am crAzy for printable forms...
Also because so many of you guys are in party planning mode, will you comment with some of your plans, resources etc?
I think I might make one of these for picture taking ...
Here are some pinterest pics that are more my style:

I have a girlfriend who has planned the cutest party for her boy, and unfortunately we can not go because that is the same day as my brother's wedding but I can't wait for her to blog the pics so I can show you guys!


brown eyed girl said...

Hell to the no, I LOVE first birthday parties that are just a family and friends hoedown, that's the way it should be! This over-the-top thing is ridiculous!

I can't wait to see your pictures of Peeb's first birthday party - I am positive he will have some amazing Kodak moments! Or instagram moments? :)

The Masters said...

Love the checklist!!!!
I actually loved the fact that it was just a few friends for Jacksons first birthday. It was very intimate and I still had lots of fun making cupcakes, buying a smash cake and getting a few favors for a couple children that came over. No need to go over the top!
We decided to have AB's 1st Birthday party at My GYM...she and Jackson are so activate and I have been wanting to take them both there. For $100 (after a special they were having) they basically provide everything you need for a party besides the juice box and cake. You know I will add some girly girl flare but I am STOKED to not be holding another party at my hosue :)

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

Isn't it crazy how much planning really has to go into this 1st birthday party thing. With that said....I'm loving it. I'm just trying to get ahead so I don't get stressed out because's about enjoying it, right? Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Mrs. Holder said...

Peebles Keg Party of Love! I love it...let's run with it! I'll help! :)

I'm trying to keep it low key and brush off my Martha Stewart skills all at the same time. Reeling myself in is always tough around game time though. I love a good partay!

Sarah Stanley said...

Children's birthday parties are brutal. I don't enjoy any of them, not even my own sweet Sally's. Too much pressure. And yes, Sally had a signature cocktail at her 1st birthday party. We had a vodka cocktail called "The Winter Solstice" because she was born in December. Have a keg, blow it out!

melissa said...

Good lordy people can get carried away with first birthday parties, can't they! Too each their own I suppose. Can't say I won't lose my mind and plan some kind of crazy theme and decorations. But I think everyone loves going to a party just like you described - casual with a keg! Those are my favorite kind. :)

Julie Bray said...

First birthday parties are totally for the adults- parents & family enjoyment! I agree, small is best- close friends and family only for the first birthday (and most others for that matter...).
I LOVE to plan parties! So i'm probably going a bit over-board with the decor and coordinating theme things.... but I'm loving every minute of it!
I can't wait to show you all the things- hopefully it will come together like I want.

We are really going to miss you guys!
I already did one poor planning thing by not having it on a day you guys can come......! (;

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I cannot wait to see what you do for the big first birthday!!!

grizaham said...

Fenn is cool.

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