Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My New Favorite Brand Cloth Diaper: Charlie Banana

I have a new favorite cloth diaper!! Charlie Banana! I had been very curious about this brand because major retailers carry it, and ONLY it so I wondered if that meant they were no good or great. Turns out they are great. They remind me of Fuzzi-Bunz but better!  Below I will show you why.
You can buy them in box sets like this, on sale right now for $88 ( box of 6) which also comes with 2 inserts per diaper. I used all the extra inserts in my cheaper diapers because i was in need of some longer inserts now that peebs is bigger. They are made VERY well and are very soft fleece on the inside. I am currently using the LARGE ones on peebs even though I normally just use one size diapers. I am worried he will be too big for his one sizes soon because he is just such a big boy.

CB diapers tout a hybrid use as a pocket diaper or a hybrid. I personally only use them as pocket diapers, I am just not a huge hybrid fan for some reason.
What I love about the Charlie Banana diaper the most is that the stuff pocket is in the front instead of the back, and it is not an open pocket. This makes cleaning poop diapers much easier since poop is not in the front of the diaper. It also prevents alot of leaks since sometimes that open flap on a Fuzzi -Bunz can get caught outside the diaper and wick.

 front flap:


Jessica said...

I've got to be honest: reading about your love of cloth diapering has me very interested. I think if we were to have a second child, we would probably at least try this route out. I'm uncertain as to whether our daycare provider would be all about it, though!

grizaham said...

Cloth diapers are great! And they make your little one extra cushiony back there.

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