Monday, May 9, 2011

Meals and Food at 9 months!

We found out at PB's 9 month appt. last week that he is 25.7 lbs  and 30.5 inches! Still a very big boy but his weight is starting to plateau. His appetite no so much..... The pediatrician said we should use the 9-12 month range to transition from puree to table food.
I would say out of all my hippie momma ways, making his food I think is the most rewarding for a few reasons:
1. It is MUCH cheaper
2. It is very good for him
3. He has no issues with texture, since his food has never been the same consistency.
4. It does not stain his clothes, or his cloth diapers. I have not had the same experience when I fed him store bought food. Not sure why that is!? Diapers also don't smell near as bad with homemade food
5. Teaching good eating habits is something that he will have his whole life. He won't give a hoot about having cloth diapers once he  is 5 or 10 or 20... but his food habits will hopefully stay with him always.

Now because of his large appetite, Saturday when I was making his food for the week ( wild Sat night at home making baby food !) I decided to make him little entrees like these below with a veggie, a fruit and a veggie medley. I try to stay away from medleys because I feel like he needs to know individual tastes so it wont be a hard transition to table food. I also still don't wanna give him meat. I don't really think anyone should eat meat, or at least much meat so it is hard for me to give it to him but maybe I will give it to him once he is eating table food.

I also made some small finger foods for practice feeding himself. I bought a Gerber graduates pack of steamed carrots this week just to see the size and texture, and I was shocked that it costs $2 for HALF a steamed carrot! I have heard 2 blog friends talk about taking food like this and coating it in cheerio or puff dust which is a great idea because it makes it easier for them to pick it up! I shall try that soon!

Peeb's Shelf in the fridge!  I just keep 3 days worth out on the shelf and then take the rest from the freezer as I need it. I have found it much easier to just make a week or so's worth of food all in one afternoon.
He is still enjoying Puffs, Mum Mums, and now we are trying yogurt melts. He enjoys all of those! As usual, I think the Target brand of all of those is MUCH better than the name brand.

I still have not incorporated any spices into his food yet! I want to but have no idea how ! Suggestions? Ideas?

Here is some food gear I am enjoying right now:
This little Regalo Portable High Chair. I like it because it folds up like a tailgate chair so it is easy to pack or put in the bottom of your stroller. It has a strap to secure it to adult chairs or it can just sit flat on the ground. Retail is $15 ( I got at my discount store for $8)...
 I like this little lunch box kit from skip hop. I like that brand alot in general actually! I shall be on the look out for this in my discount store. Great way to take portable meals.

These munchkin spoons are pretty awesome. My friend CB left one of hers over here the other day and I really liked it because it is longer than most kid spoons. Currently I just use those "toss away" spoons but I don't toss them. They are BPA free and a million come in the package so you always have a clean spoon.
Summer Infant Bibbity, BluePelican bib! Nice thing for a tot learning to eat finger foods because it catches the 9/10 pieces that don't make it into the mouth. (Ralphie hates the pelican bib). Summer Infant makes a decent one that is much cheaper than the rest at $4.

Summer Infant Tiny Diner, Green The Tiny Diner Placemat. This thing is awesome! We use it on the go alot and it rolls up and fits in my diaper bag perfectly! It is great to keep their food surface clean in a restaurant and it has that tray to catch run off. Since I was a waitress for many many years, I do not leave a restaurant with baby food all over the floor. This placemat is great for making the clean up job much quicker. I'm thinking of carrying one of those mini broom and dustpan combos in my bag! ha

I also still really like the Glad throw away containers ( I don't throw them away) but they are BPA free and stackable so easy to store and not obnoxiously colored and CHEAP. Great for storing baby food!


Tiny Ocean said...

your Peebs is sooo lucky to have a momma like you!! You're a great momma!

I have that Regalo chair, but ours clips on to the table. LL is still too small for it, it swallows her.

grizaham said...

I just fed that joker a 3 course meal with a full avacado helping dessert!

He gave me kisses after.

War Eagle.

martin said...

I'd kiss you if you made me a 3 course meal too, Erik!!!

Mrs. Holder said...

I leave a trail of baby stuff where ever I go! I can be tracked this way! Ha! Green Giant makes individual servings of steam veggies...I plan on seeing if W will try to like those. He's not a fan so far of "real" food!

Marion said...

I will be getting a portable high chair! Who knew such things existed!?!
I'm not to spicing things up yet but tried a piece of a banana and C acted like I nearly killed him, so I guess we will wait on finger foods too!
The only meat dish I plan on trying soon is a recipe I have for chicken soup from my baby cook book since it is loaded with veggies. There is something n ot right about pureed meat though!

Julie Bray said...

I'm going to try that dusting slippery finger foods with cheerio or puff dust! Great idea!
Starting to wish I had made Ben's food all along, or sometime anyway...... he's very disturbed by textures. and gags a lot. I'm scared to feed him too many big boy foods yet. he must have a strong gag reflex cause he will almost always gag then cough and throw up..... yuck

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