Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Iphone/Brain Dump....

You know when I tell you all about my discount store? Well sometimes it looks like this and I spend forever wading through huge boxes and trying to read all the codes on the box to see if it holds what I am looking for!  Right now I am looking for my playroom table and chairs. I have found ONE chair in the right color thus far! ha
I read about this Callet in the back of one of my magazines and ordered it immediately and I have to say I LOVE IT. It has 2 slots in the back to hold your debit cards cash etc. I only ever carry my license and debit card so I ditched my wallet and carry this around and its so easy and convenient. It took like 2 weeks to arrive and customer service is no good but I love the case! They also make them for blackberry and droids.
cute fabric that would be fun in my playroom!
and I saw TONS of cute girl stuff! Poor boys get jipped in just about everything!
I saw these in TJMAXX and think they are so cute! They had some glitter in the paint that you cant see from the picture.
Hobby Lobby! More cute girl decorations!

and my idea board for the playroom. Still very much a work in progress

Cute little pleather wing back chair in Target.

My boy's new toy! My SIL told me about this fisher price farm gate thing that Chlo loves and I saw one in my discount store for $20 (Retail is $77) and so I bought it and could not wait to see him play with it. Little Walky came over and they played on opposite sides of it for quite a while. Big Fun!
These are some foam corner covers for furniture to protect it from little heads. I knocked my left butt cheek off by hitting the corner of the TV stand so I figured I better child proof those stat!
and I scored a mini fridge off Craigslist for the playroom so that I am not constantly going up and down the stairs fetching things. Leaving my boy unattended makes me so nervous! Yay for college kids going home and getting rid of stuff for super cheap!

and so you can see I have been all over town for the past few days, checking out things for the playroom and taking advantage of my bubs being off to stay home with piggles! I shall post my spray painting project soon! I hope to be done with that today.


ashley said...

what/where is said discount store?

Virginia said...

The farm toy is my niece's favorite thing in the whole world...and it's so funny when she turns on the songs and the whole family starts singing in unison b/c we have heard all the little ditties about a zillion times. My sister has been trying to hand it down to my son, but I don't know if I can handle listening to the darn thing anymore;) Precious playroom plans...can't wait to see the finished project!!!

grizaham said...

dang that boy cute.

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