Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ipad App Review : HBO GO

If you guys have HBO, then you are gonna LOVE  HBO GO app! It works on both iPad and iPhone and is free in the App store.

It basically allows you to watch any and all HBO shows and series right on your device! You don't have tp purchase them or take up space on your device! It also allows you to catch up on old episodes you may have missed!
My current obsession is Game of Thrones. Great show

 Rome, another favorite of mine! All seasons and episodes are instantly available!


Mere said...

Got thanks for the rec. You are right it is awesome!

Mere said...

That should be "Got It" I suck @ typing!!

Amber said...

Ummmm, yes! We just found this app and it's freaking fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Two questions! Do you have to pay for the app or have HBO at home? And do the shows have captioning on them? We're looking into alternative ways of watching tv/movies when we move to NY - this intrigues me!

Mrs. Holder said...

Lovimg it! Kudos to HBO!

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