Saturday, May 28, 2011

Finger Painting With Chocolate Pudding!

My girlfriend @JulieBray posted pictures on facebook of her sons day care letting the babes finger paint with chocolate pudding, and I thought it was a brilliant and fun idea! Cory and Walky were coming over for a playdate and so I surprised them with this idea and told Walky to strip down to just his diaper wal-mart baby style. Walker was a little over whelmed at the idea since he just walked in the door and all. While waiting on them to arrive I had given my boy a little taste of the pudding and I guess all those minutes of waiting on them made him pudding CRAZY. He did not hesitate to dive right in! Eating and Playing , his 2 favorite activities combined into one!

"Hmmm perhaps I'll just paint this leg"

"Well my momma thought that was funny so I will paint my other leg now"
" Hey Walky, you know this stuff is DELISH right? If you rub it all over your body you can save some for later"
" Let me show you"
"Mom, Walky doesn't like it! Does that mean i can EAT IT ALL MYSELF?"
"This is the best day of my LIFE walky! Our Mommas are CRAZY"


Julie Bray said...

I LOVE it!
Chocolate pudding ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!
Fenn looks delicious.
How fun!

Susannah said...

Haha! Soooo funny! This is a great way for him to express himself!

Tiny Ocean said...

what a great idea! I'm trying this outside so when Avery's finished all I have to do is hose her down. Love it!

Marion said...

Love this! Just watched the video and can't stop laughing at these two precious kids!

grizaham said...

Wow! Hes cute!

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