Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Down on the Farm....

Sunday afternoon, also my dad's 60th birthday, we went to "The Swamp" to have a low country boil and some good ole family time! My dad recently built a "cook shed" down there so we christened it.

Baby Fenn wore his dog -paw camo overalls from Mrs. Bebe Hornady for the occasion.He loves grass and tries to eat it all the time, yesterday was no different!
PawPaw took his boys on the swamp buggy, which is super fun.
I *love* this picture so much. He really was intrigued by the buggy ride and loved it! I guess it was a lot to look at!
We all rode the buggy down to the garden and got some super fresh organic veggies for Baby Fenn's supper! Here is Paw paw harvesting some potatoes...

and onions!
While Baby Fenn and bubs look on!
and my nephew Wilburs practicing his driving skills. He also practiced using the potty outside in the field about 47 times yesterday!
It was fantastic fun and I can't wait for Baby Fenn to be able to go off with his PawPaw like will does! Will was in my lap yesterday on the buggy telling me these fantastical stories about deer and hogs and turkeys at the swamp! He LOVES it there so I am sure Fenn will too.


Susannah said...

Awww! So fun and cute! I bet Fenn loves Will. Scarlet adores Meems. Glad y'all had a fun trip!

Erica said...

That is awesome. Hanging out in a swamp must be regional thing b/c I've never heard of it.... Regardless, it looks like some awesome family time though. :) Fenn is getting cuter by the week I think!

brown eyed girl said...

OMG that looks amazing!! I wish we still owned the farm my mom grew up on, I'd totally do what you guys do!

Matthew said...

And just think..all the swamp dirt can be washed off with that amazing soap that your dad makes. Seriously, that is some great stuff!

grizaham said...

That was a great day!
Love that cooking shed!

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