Monday, May 2, 2011

The Dangerous Ride Home!

We had a great and crazy week last week in South Alabama & Louisiana! I'll share more about all that later but now let me show you the storm we missed by FIVE MINUTES because we stopped at McDonalds ( of all places).... Certainly saved by the Grace of God.
 Apparently it had ripped across 65 while we were in McDonalds drive through. Trees and Farm equipment and sheets of metal were everywhere. I tweeted some pics and the weather channel ran them with my pictures all day. That was pretty cool! My Nonie saw "@grizas" on the screen when she was watching!

the damage in Alabama is devastating and I hope you are all praying for those families.


Tiny Ocean said...

oh my God! Those are horrible scary. Thank you Jesus for getting your family home safely!

uncle bobby said...

Thank God that yall r you

Mrs. Holder said...

Glad you guys are home safe and sound now...that storm is just so upsetting. :(

Susannah said...

Dude, I'm super thankful for McD's right now! Lesson: stop for food.

Great/scary pics. I can't believe y'all made it to Bham and then had to go into hiding. I bet y'all were wiggin!

Meliha said...

What I'm taking away from this: eating crap food can save your life. Now someone please tell my husband that so I can freely eat McD's (and other places) without fear of judgement... ;)


grizaham said...

driving thru weather is not fun!

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