Friday, May 13, 2011

Baby Fenn has been initiated and is now one of the pack!

This week has been a marked difference in how Ralphie treats his little brother Fenn. He has been nice to him all along, but this week he has *loved* him. He has started watching him and protecting him at all times. Floss ( my 2nd born girl doggle) has done this all along, but brother Ralphie takes a while to warm up I guess. It is the most precious thing to see him with Fenn and how much he loves and protects him. He hates to hear him cry or fuss and if I am not immediately tending to him, Ralphie barks and whines to me like I have lost my mind.

The only bummer of this is Fenn's door does not shut well, and Ralphie knows how to push it open and he likes to go in his room and guard the crib. I think he sleeps in there a good bit these days. He has always sort of rotated his love and guarding with family members so its hard to keep track of because he will go back and forth at night. When Julie or Stevie spends the night with us he goes back and forth between their beds and ours. I think his barking and jingly collar wakes peebles up sometimes when he is in his room.
Of coarse Peebs has loved both pups for quite some time now and still is so enamored with them. He especially loves when I play fetch with Ralphie and he laughs and laughs! He also still likes for them to fight and growl , and even their barking makes him laugh!
In this last week, he has also learned how to pet Ralphie. He pets his paws one by one and then pets him (pops him) on the back a few times with glee. Ralphie sweetly endures it and does not even seem annoyed.


Susannah said...

Ha! That is so funny and cute! Sweet Ralphie!

grizaham said...

Ralph really loves that little dude. Bossie, not so much...

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