Tuesday, May 17, 2011

9 Months... The Turning Point.

I am learning a lot of momma lessons this week y'all! First of all my boy had an ear infection 2 weeks ago and he has been increasingly irritable and sad and not sleeping well and clingy so I assumed he had gotten worse instead of better. If not that, then I thought his antibiotic was upsetting his stomach OR he was teething with Billy Bob's brother. ( Billy Bob is his one huge top tooth he currently has)
 Well let me just tell y'all after calling the Pedi on the weekend, and texting him and then going in for an appointment on Monday, do you know what was wrong with my boy? NOTHING! Not ONE thing, except that he has just decided at 9.5 months he enjoys throwing fits and asserting his opinions. hmmm He has the patience of..... *cringe* his mother!
Here are some of his new tricks :
  • falling out with back arched and throwing his head back
  • screaming out
  • crying over every.little.thing.
  • rolling/twisting/turning on the diaper changing table. He now HATES to have his diaper changed and 80% of the time will scream like you are pinching him.
  • wanting to sit in my lap or snuggle periodically throughout the day
  • throwing and smashing things. HARD. 
  • trying So hard to crawl. He gets on all 4s attempts a move then thinks better of it and sits up. However if he has spur of the moment motivation, like seeing his pal walky play with one of his toys, he will take off a few steps but stop as soon as he realizes that he moved. Even without "crawling" he managed to get all over the place quite easily.

Basically, he is like a whole new baby! He used to be very easy going and happy all the time. Now he needs much more stimulation to stay amused. He still loves going out shopping anywhere! Grocery store, walgreens etc. He makes LOTS of friends everywhere we go and enjoys them so much.
But I am SHOCKED at the fact that my little big baby can and does manipulate me! He has found a very effective way to get what he wants, until now that is. Once the doctor told me all of that we started some new things. 
- the beginning of some hard core crying it out. The doctor demonstrated how he cries to get his way and how he can make real tears and turn red/purple and all and even still he is not sad, he is MAD. So say you lay him down, he will turn on all that crazy behavior but the SECOND you sit him back up he is all smiles and happiness. Once I saw that I no longer feel bad when he cries.
- saying no, and meaning it.
- Nursing only certain times, not just when he starts head banging my boobies and crying for them. I need them to be food, not comfort. I am gonna try again to do some weaning because he has been biting me HARD lately. In fact I hurt more now that I did when I started nursing!  So I think that means its time to wean. The past 2 days I have only nursed once around 6pm. I don't want it to be a bedtime cue or crutch so I try to do it before bedtime routine starts.

So... I say all this to say, I know I waited TOO long to do the cry it out. I really in my heart of hearts thought I was gonna be able to get by without having to do that, and he would just magically sleep on his own... yeah not so much. I also am saying this because those of you who are not here yet.. to this age with your babe, may want to know when babies can actually start manipulating you and 9 mos is def. that time , for us anyway.  So what is best for my babe, and for us is to get a handle on the wild behavior and take charge. YIKERS.

Stay tuned for the results! Tonight is night 2. Night one he cried pretty much all night long. He is a determined little joker and head strong like his momma! Hoping he learns fast!


Cary said...

Laura, it's not a 9 month thing. These perfect little angels come into this world knowing perfectly well how to manipulate Mommy! Hang in there!

Heather Anderson said...

You can do it!

grizaham said...

Fenn is the man!
Keep on fighting the fight!


jenn said...

So many of my friends have had this conversation with me recently!! Stay strong sister!!!! I heart Fenn!!!!

Julie Bray said...

I cannot believe how much Ben and Fenn are alike! I suppose its a very normal part of growing up...... Hang in there with the crying. If Fenn continues to be like Ben, it took us 3-4 very long nights to get him straight. It was well worth it. He still wakes occasionally @ 1 or 2AM but we do NOT pick him up, just pat his back for a few seconds and turn on the lamb and bolt from the room......

Beach Bum & Baby said...

Oh my gosh hun, I have been having a time lately. Like oh my gosh I am a bad mom, trey hates me kind of time. I was even slightly considering going back to work - because I felt like I was doing a bad job here. Reading your post makes me realize that it's their age. Trey is exhibiting all of the same signs as Fenn and it is making me crazy. The fussing for no reason and crying at the drop of a hat. OMG let me pull my hair out now. I had a straight up breakdown the other day.

Ugh. We will get through this and I hope that he sleeps for you - I know you need rest and he does too. Good luck hun - let me know how it's going!!!

Tiny Ocean said...

i am dying to know how the CIO is going!!!!

The Masters said...

LG.....you're never going to believe it but we are working on that with AB right now. She has had us wrapped around her little finger from day 1. Since Jackson slept through the night pretty much coming out of the womb, this is a whole new challenge for us (well not so new now...like 11 months old!) We have had to let AB CIO now for 3 nights in a row. We put her down at 7:30, she fusses for like 2 minutes now when we put her down and then she will fuss again around 10. We don't go in there and she goes back to sleep. She is STILL wanting a bottle around midnight...I seriously think it was because I would put her in bed with her when I nursed her and then she would sleep in our beds from midnight to the morning. WEllll...mommy and daddy are over the midnight feeding. So...now that we got past the 7:30 CIO stage, we are working on the midnight one. The wrench in it for us is that she is back in our room because she started to wake up Jackson with her crying. UGH! The inconvenience of them sharing a room. I don't know what all the moms with multiples do that share rooms. Keep me posted on Fenns progress.

Gina said...

I was so-so with CIO with L. With G, I cannot bring myself to do it. I know it's because he's my last baby. Also, I have no desire to wean him yet, and neither does he. Yeah, I'll probably regret all this later and you can say I told you so. ;)

Matthew said...

Hey Laura~
Just read your Imagination Library posting, and I had to weigh in. It's an amazing program--everyone should do it! And as far as books for Peebs...he's at the perfect age for Eric Carle (Or Erik Carl, or something like that). "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" is my favorite. His illustrations are vivid, but very childlike, and his words have lots of repetition and sound words (like animal noises and etc.) Oh, he also wrote "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and a bunch of others. They're great!

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