Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My New Obsession:

I have not owned a pair of Sanuks since 1997 ( and they were zebra flip flops!) but I did love them and they lasted for many many years! I saw these recently at the beach and wanted them but wanted to see what all styles were available. I finally pulled the trigger and ordered these from Zappos:
I am IN LOVE. They are so super cute and comfortable for realz! They will be my shoe of the summer! 
Here are some of the other styles. They are $30 give or take style and where you purchase from.
Happy Shopping!

Painting Plastics..

Remember the toy shelf I bought for $20 at the Consignment sale? Well Peebs LOVES it because he likes to plunder through all the boxes. It was driving me crazy that it was not in the color scheme of the playroom so I did lots of research on how to paint the bins. Just FYI: if I could have bought different color bins, I totally would have because this was NOT an easy or quick job.

So, First step was to prime all of the boxes. I used this and it worked perfectly.It took a can for about every 6 boxes. It is VERY important to let this dry thoroughly as in HOURS , maybe a day depending on the weather!
I decided to make the bins green and orange and I have plans to paint the shelves chocolate brown eventually but the weather here has made it really hard to get this finished. I think I have been working on it for at least 10 days now..
 I used just regular spray paint after that since I primed so I could have a wider range of colors to choose from. It took a can for about every 3 boxes to complete and good coverage. I prefer and recommend Rust-oleum brand.
Here is a semi-finished product. I wanted to show it to you when it was finished but that could be another month from now! So you just have to pretend that last box is done and the shelf unit is chocolate brown! ha  It fits in the room much better now!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Finger Painting With Chocolate Pudding!

My girlfriend @JulieBray posted pictures on facebook of her sons day care letting the babes finger paint with chocolate pudding, and I thought it was a brilliant and fun idea! Cory and Walky were coming over for a playdate and so I surprised them with this idea and told Walky to strip down to just his diaper wal-mart baby style. Walker was a little over whelmed at the idea since he just walked in the door and all. While waiting on them to arrive I had given my boy a little taste of the pudding and I guess all those minutes of waiting on them made him pudding CRAZY. He did not hesitate to dive right in! Eating and Playing , his 2 favorite activities combined into one!

"Hmmm perhaps I'll just paint this leg"

"Well my momma thought that was funny so I will paint my other leg now"
" Hey Walky, you know this stuff is DELISH right? If you rub it all over your body you can save some for later"
" Let me show you"
"Mom, Walky doesn't like it! Does that mean i can EAT IT ALL MYSELF?"
"This is the best day of my LIFE walky! Our Mommas are CRAZY"

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ipad App Review: PBS Kids

Shout out to Beach Bum & Baby for telling me about this ipad app! My nephew LOVED it this weekend when I was home. It is free and shows clips and things from PBS. No Barney though? Not sure why! My boy recently saw Barney and was fascinated! I myself, prefer Yo Gabba Gabba! ha

Thursday, May 26, 2011

This is Inspiring

Erik and I have an email address for Pb that we send him notes and pictures and stuff too for him to have one day. Also neat since it cant be lost, destroyed etc...
Well today bubs sent me this video and it made me cry! I need to do better with my boy's email account!

A must have Accessory for the iPad!

I recently ordered a special dongle for my ipad that I have never seen before. Pretty sure you can only get from China right now. I bought it from this guy on ebay for $30 and it was well worth it!
It replaces this, this and this with just once piece and saves you about $ 39 +$ 29 +$39 + shipping and it gives you a few extra options that those do not! Pretty Nifty! I don't think I have ever done a Vlog before ( yikes) but I shall post one today! Enjoy:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My New Favorite Brand Cloth Diaper: Charlie Banana

I have a new favorite cloth diaper!! Charlie Banana! I had been very curious about this brand because major retailers carry it, and ONLY it so I wondered if that meant they were no good or great. Turns out they are great. They remind me of Fuzzi-Bunz but better!  Below I will show you why.
You can buy them in box sets like this, on sale right now for $88 ( box of 6) which also comes with 2 inserts per diaper. I used all the extra inserts in my cheaper diapers because i was in need of some longer inserts now that peebs is bigger. They are made VERY well and are very soft fleece on the inside. I am currently using the LARGE ones on peebs even though I normally just use one size diapers. I am worried he will be too big for his one sizes soon because he is just such a big boy.

CB diapers tout a hybrid use as a pocket diaper or a hybrid. I personally only use them as pocket diapers, I am just not a huge hybrid fan for some reason.
What I love about the Charlie Banana diaper the most is that the stuff pocket is in the front instead of the back, and it is not an open pocket. This makes cleaning poop diapers much easier since poop is not in the front of the diaper. It also prevents alot of leaks since sometimes that open flap on a Fuzzi -Bunz can get caught outside the diaper and wick.

 front flap:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Down on the Farm....

Sunday afternoon, also my dad's 60th birthday, we went to "The Swamp" to have a low country boil and some good ole family time! My dad recently built a "cook shed" down there so we christened it.

Baby Fenn wore his dog -paw camo overalls from Mrs. Bebe Hornady for the occasion.He loves grass and tries to eat it all the time, yesterday was no different!
PawPaw took his boys on the swamp buggy, which is super fun.
I *love* this picture so much. He really was intrigued by the buggy ride and loved it! I guess it was a lot to look at!
We all rode the buggy down to the garden and got some super fresh organic veggies for Baby Fenn's supper! Here is Paw paw harvesting some potatoes...

and onions!
While Baby Fenn and bubs look on!
and my nephew Wilburs practicing his driving skills. He also practiced using the potty outside in the field about 47 times yesterday!
It was fantastic fun and I can't wait for Baby Fenn to be able to go off with his PawPaw like will does! Will was in my lap yesterday on the buggy telling me these fantastical stories about deer and hogs and turkeys at the swamp! He LOVES it there so I am sure Fenn will too.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Fenn's Summer Wardrobe!

Here we go... growing again. My boy is too big for most 18mos sized things now! His trunk is too long and too wide for the crotch snaps to work! So I have been trying to think of some cute and comfy play clothes he could wear. We spend most of our time at home, so a lot of time in our Jammers, but I realized that is when I am taking the most pictures so it would be nice if he were dressed every now and then!
I have decided to get him some cute applique tshirts to wear. that way he is still cute, but comfy. I ordered some iron on Appliques from this etsy seller

and am gonna pick up some white tshirts from target ( $5). Most of the time he will be wearing them with his cute cloth diapers like this:
and then I have a few easy cotton shorts from target just in case. I plan to learn how to make boys shorts this summer!

I'll let you know how the outfits turn out so stay tuned! It will be about $7 a shirt if it all works out!

 I have not washed them yet and am a little nervous how that will go. stay tuned.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Iphone 5 Rumours!

The rumors are starting to build about Iphone 5 ! From what I have read, and what I personally believe, I am expecting a Iphone 4gs with very small upgrades which I expect to include :
  • A world phone, which can be used on any carrier
  • aluminum body
  • better cameras ( especially the front camera) perhaps 8MP
  • A5 dual core processor
  • support for HSPA + /LTE/4G service
I am reading a lot of people think it won't be released until September, but I still expect it this summer End of June/Early July, or shall i say I *hope* it stays on schedule! We shall see how it goes I guess. Anybody else heard anything interesting?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Iphone App Review : Notespark

 Ever since the Iphone 4 came around, I can not keep my notes on my phone straight. Either they disappear, won't let me edit them or randomly Erik's iphone notes will show up on MY phone? So strange... and ANNOYING because this is how I keep up with milestones week by week for my boy. I can't remember anything from 2 days ago so trying to recreate those posts from memory is a lost cause. After a year of messing around with the built in notes app, I am done. I researched for a more reliable replacement and found Notespark and have been very satisfied.

I wanted an app that looked and acted as much like the previous note taking app, but that would back up and sync online by itself. I didn't want it to be super fancy though and this fit the bill perfectly. It does offer a few  more options like tag words and starring.
Here is a look at my old notes in the apple app. See how they are doubled and then some of those are not even mine! Like preds attendance. Super irritating.

and now it looks like this:

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