Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Recap ... Randomosity!

The weekend felt hardly like the weekend because we had just gotten back from vacation and had SO much to do! I am making pretty good progress though!

I am in love with a shirt I bought in Target! It comes in lots of colors.This is SO my style.

I found some BPA free Ziplock tupperwares that are the perfect size for homemade babyfood! That would be great for home and traveling! They are $2.99 and there is a coupon in the paper for $1.50 off!
I am back to juicing again! I have not had the juicer out since my 1st trimester with peebles and I decided its time for momma and baby to have daily juice. I am starting him out on a mix of carrot and apple juice and will eventually just give him carrot since its much better for him than apple juice. So far he thinks its a game more than a food piece. When did you guys kids learn to drink from a sippy? The fact that he refuses to take a bottle is making it harder for him to learn the sippy I think.
A friend of mine who lives in Utah asked me to check my discount store for some accessories for her stroller ( she drives a BOB) and yesterday I found a whopper of a deal for her. She wanted the BOB rain shield which retails for $50-60 and I found it for $4.99 That was very exciting!
Mr. Peebles wants to crawl so badly! He just cant get it together though, and he is getting prety frustrated. His new thing is to sit on his mat and take all his toys within reach and throw them, then go after them. He has go go gadget arms like his momma so he is able to retrieve most of them without crawling . However, he does fall over and bonk his head enough to make me wish we had a helmet!
AND he is cutting his top teeth and has been super fussy lately :(

Weekly Goals :
  • April is a big month for grizas. Taxes and car tag renewals which in TN means we have to go get our Emissions tested. I have to do that for both cars then send in the paperwork! 
  • I am WAY behind on scrapbooking and intend to update PB babybook and our 2011 scrapbook too.
  • Gotta take my dog children to various appointments to get them all pretty, clean and healthy! 
  • and you all saw from the beach pics that I need a new swimsuit like WOAH. I am looking for one that has more support in the top than a triangle top, but is still a young and cute suit! Feel free to send me links and suggestions! I usually just buy suits at target so I am at a loss for where to find one! 
  • I colored my own hair this week from color in the box, and you can imagine the brassy disaster that is currently. I went to Sally's and bought something to remedy that and will try it out today. Expect some before and after shots!


Cheryl E. said...

Super cute shirt and I love the juice idea. Never thought of that before, we are going to start on juice soon at the E's household and this would be such a great healthy alternative to store bought juice.

Courtney said...

Athleta sent me a catalog that had some pretty cute swimsuits, you could check there!

Melissa {TheScarletCardinal} said...

That shirt is AWESOME! I need a target trip so badly!

Susannah said...

Love the shirt!

That's a lot of goals, lady!

Don't you hate coming back from vacay and having SO MUCH to do? Ugh.

Essex rules-that is all. :D
Tell Peebles to crawl and find Emma, maybe he will go looking for her!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog, and I love it! We're potentially moving to the Nashville/Franklin area soon. You are such a cool, hip mom/chick! Regarding hair dye, I got tired of forking over $200 a pop for color, so I started doing my own at home. You can buy Redken off eBay...totally the way to go. Just make sure to get a level 20 Redken developer to go with it!

Kathy said...

Little Sammy Never took a Bottle, and Wasn't too keen on sippys, So we got him the sippys with the straws in side and that seemed to work :)

The Masters said...

okay..Annabelle is in the SAME boat as peebles. She is trying to crawl and can't. However, we have been calling her inspector gadget for like 4 months because the child can seriously reach anything! Just this week she has managed to bonk her head 5 times really hard. She also took a tumble of the bed twice this week and daddy caught her. No more elevated surfaces for AB unless we are sitting with her. I think some baby's almost go straight from
"scooting" to standing and then walking?? She is not that great with a sippy and DOES NOT like to eat. She only likes her bottle. :( Jackson always ate eveyrthing like Peebles....AB thinks food is weird and feels funny:) Miss you guys!

Kelli said...

Thank you for the find this weekend! You are the queen of a deal! :) Lucy is in the same boat as PB with her crawling, too. Not quite to the hands and knees yet but pretty good at scooting and spinning. Good luck with all of your April busyness!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

love that top!!!

and I'm going to need you to find me some awesome BOB deals. That's a great find!!

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