Saturday, April 9, 2011

Trip Home

We went to my hometown for 2 days this week and had lots of fun!
Here is peebs with my nonie. My nonie is the prettiest nonie in all the land! Everytime I put her picture on Facebook I get tons of compliments on her!

I also spent my first night away from peebs! He stayed with my aunt and cousin as a practice round for an upcoming parents only trip to New Orleans! I was ok and slept like a rock! Can't say the same for CC and Anna! He raged at midnight and was upset about not having any pacifiers! They attempted to give him a bottle and he refused! He eventually went back to sleep. My aunt said he liked being upright on her shoulder instead of cradled and he fell asleep like that!
Another interesting thing I noted on this trip is all the extra stimulation made him so tired he needed a nap almost every 1.5 hours! At home he only naps twice at 9 & 3!
We attempted to visit Emily nan but she was gone to lunch!

And before we left I got an early birthday present from my parents and I'm overjoyed about it! It's a slingplayer that will "sling" all the shows from our TV and DVR at home to my laptop/iPad/iPhone ! Totally awesome when we are traveling! Especially bc I still watch my stories (young & the restless, and Bold & the Beautiful) laugh if you must but I'll never give them up! Anyway rather than come home to 10 hours of soaps on the DVR I can see them remotely plus Erik can see his sports games that aren't shown except on local Nashville channels!

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Perfectly Imperfect said...

I cannot get over how big Peebs is! And in that smocking?!? Gah. Too much cuteness!!!

melissa said...

What a great gift! I had no idea such a thing existed.

And little man is too cute in his smocked outfit.

grizaham said...

Peebs had a good time.. Wish that SlingBox was hooked up at the crib now so i could SLING the Preds game tonight!!!!

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