Monday, April 4, 2011

Sus & Emma Came to Visit!

You guys may or may not know that @edwardsedition is my friend IRL from college! She and her precious daughter Emma came to visit us this weekend and we got into all kinds of trouble ... shopped till we dropped... had all kinds of fun! Here are some pics!

I think it is so neat to see our booboos play together, since never, in my wildest dreams, while we were 19 and tearing up the town of Auburn, did I ever think we would be hanging out together at 7am covered in baby food and watching Dora the Explorer with grins bigger than life.
Emma ( 19mos) really enjoyed collecting toys and bringing them to peebles, and then taking them away. He was not always down with the Indian giving!
How does a woman this pregnant have the energy to hang with these 2, much less cook us dinner? I'll never know, cause when I am pregnant, I may as well have 2 broken legs.
I thought this was adorable! It also realy tickled me to watch her play! Girls are so different than boys! She had a stroller and pushed EVERYTHING around in that stroller! Even her cereal! ha
and this little girl LOVED peebs' play mat. That makes it 3 for 3 of kids who have met and LOVED the play mat! She took this thing apart about a zillion times and even pushed some of the dots around in her stroller! Peebs chewed on the pieces for her.

and these are my girls preparing to leave me! I had to take a pic of Sus and all the stuff she brought for the weekend! This picture does NOT do it justice!


The Masters said...

adorable dang pics! Miss my hooches. Peebs is getting so big. AB and J man want him to come play one day. Maybe we'll come to the ville and play.

Susannah said...

Ha! We had so much fun and can't wait to hang again soon! Peebs is such a good boy, he sure put up with a lot if Indian giving!!! Love y'all!

Meliha said...

SO many bags OMG!! Your expressions CRACK me up!! My favorite from this one?: "...I may as well have 2 broken legs."


Anonymous said...

You guys have some presh booboos! When I become a mama, I hope I'm as awesome as you and Sus are, seriously.

Sarah Stanley said...

Awe, looks like a great weekend!

ml said...

FUN FUN FUN! They are too cute. I hate I had to miss out on the Peebs and the Meems! Loves.

Gina said...

So jealous that you girls got to hang out. I want to meet you both.

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