Friday, April 22, 2011

Road Trip with a Baby!

Recently we took a 7 hour road trip ( with a baby it was more like 8 or 9 hours) and I learned a few things about how to take better road trips. Over time I hope to implement them all! Until then, here are some tips for you guys!

1. Brica Car Seat Travel Tray - Eventually kids need this to draw on etc but for now, I need a solid surface that has bumper so peebs can play with a toy or eat some puffs without scattering them EVERYWHERE.
2. Back Seat Mirror -  I have tried out a few of these, and this is my favorite one because it allows you to angle and tilt it, which means it works well in conjunction with my cinema seat holder.
3. Griffin Cinema Seat - This is basically a holster for the ipad that turns it into a DVD player for the kids in the car. I really love it. I think it is over priced so you could try other models, but this is the one we have and we have gotten every penny out of it. No more screaming baby in the car. Once you drive somewhere with some hollering you would pay just about anything to make it stop!
4. Air Play Travel Tray - I have not used this but will be getting one next time we fly, for 2 reasons, it will keep the germy tray out of my boy's mouth, and it will keep him entertained and you don't have to worry about toys falling to the floor since they are attached. It gets good reviews and I saw one in my discount store. I am just awaiting them to mark it down.  One downfall of this tray is that once its attached, you cant close the tray so you will have to keep that in mind for take off and landing.

5. Some sort of back seat organizer. A million people make these, but let me tell you I did not enjoy having my back seat full of clutter and digging around for what we needed whenever we stopped. As a result I bought this Eddie Bauer one at Target and I love it because it holds diapers, wipes and has insulated cooler built in the bottom for his baby food and drinks. That is really nice! Most of the organizers will fold up in a briefcase like fashion so you can take it out of car and along with you like a stroller or diaper bag .
6. Window Shade. I bought a box at Target for $3.99 of the Eddie Bauer window cling on tent and it is fabulous. I like the cleaner look of it in my car and it covers a great deal of the window unlike most shades. It also makes my backseat super private so I can breast feed in the parking lot without anyone being able to see what I am doing. That's nice since the other day I was feeding PB in a parking lot and this dude had no idea and parked right next to us and ate his lunch ... ha 

Do any of you have other suggestions? I would love to hear them! Hope this reaches ya'll in time for Easter road trips! I am behind in all my blogging!!


thisismamashouse said...

I only have one thing to add, but this was one of my "constant keep on hand"s in the car and not road trip only...a complete change of clothes for both baby and myself. It only took one disastrous incident to teach me that lesson!

grizaham said...

i love road trips!

Amber said...

As always I'm so glad you did this first! Now when we go to Florida in July I already know what will make the drive down easier! Thanks, lady!

Cheryl E. said...

THis is great! I am going to be looking into these because we like to travel.

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