Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New and Coming Baby Products

I am sure you all remember my post about the Woogie, which is basically a stuffed animal that holds your iphone to protect it from drool and drops. I don't know ANY kid who doesn't want their mamma's phone. AND every kid within 30 miles notices peebles Woogie and wants to see it. Yesterday he was strolling around the mall with it watching Yo Gabba Gabba and lots of mommas stopped me to inquire!
 Then I heard this week on Today In Iphone that Fisher Price is coming out with an iphone toy this summer! This thing looks awesome because it will easily fit into your diaper bag and will keep baby from pushing the home key, which can be a problem with the woogie.
Out this summer!

and I saw these Kipiis on some email this week and thought they were neat! It is basically a string with clips to keep in your diaper bag and turn any napkin etc into a bib! It is adjustable which is nice for babies with big necks like my peebles! Comes in several color combinations but I liked this one:
and a newbie from one of my favorite companies BOON. Out in June 2011
"Wrap" is a silicone wrap for your regular bowls to sort of child proof them! brilliant!


Cheryl E. said...

I am loving the fisher price toy and the wrap...genius!!

melissa said...

Neat stuff!

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