Monday, April 25, 2011

My (current) Favorite Ipad Apps!

I know so many of you have recently gotten an ipad! Hooray! So excited for you all and instead of emailing each of you about ipad apps I thought I would do a post! Any of you who have an ipad please comment with your favorite apps also! Thanks!
1. Blogpress - An app making it easy to compose quick blogs. It needs a few upgrades but so far it is the best blogging app I have found.

2. ebay - This app is actually better than the site.

3. Friendly - makes browsing Facebook much easier.

4. Slingplayer - The app that goes with my birthday slingbox. A TV lover's dream

5. Instapaper - This app is really brilliant. One of my alltime favorites.It is basically an account full of any news stories you add so that when you wanna read that link in an email or from a blog you just add it to your instapaper account and they are all here waiting on you when you have the time.

6.DirecTV - If you have DirecTV this app is awesome! A combination between a touch screen remote and TV guide.

7. Instagram  - a fun photo editing app

8. Windowshop - Again better than the site for browsing Amazon (IMO)

9. Reeder - A great app for google reader! I only wish someone would make an app that allowed you to comment on blogs while in the reader ... they would be RICH!

10. Netflix - You can subscribe to just a streaming account these days and stream DVD's right to your ipad. If you buy the dongle you can also connect the ipad to your TV for watching on the big screen.

11. LoopVideo - I use this for looping piggles TV shows when we go on long car rides!

12. Echofon - My twitter app that  I use on ipad

13. Kindle - I use this for accessing all the books I bought on my kindle, and I love it because it is like a kindle with a backlight! It also has better book choices and cheaper ones that the ibooks app. It will sync with your iphone as well so if you are out and forgot one or the other you can just open the app and pick right up where you left off. It has an integrated dictionary and allows you to highlight which I love.

14. Relax Melodies - This is a REALLY cool sounds machine app. The app is free initially with upgrades for more features if you want them. It is hard to explain but you gotta get it and try it out! Great music for Yoga and babies!
15. Yoga HD - This is a new app and I will write a full review of it soon, but so far it is the best exercising app I have ever tried. It's like having a personal instructor in your living room and it gives you the ability to create your own work out.

Ipad Quick Tips:

Here are some short cuts and information you may not know yet!

If you double click the home button it will bring up a quick scrolling dock. From there if you slide to the left you can adjust your brightness and lock your screen if you wish. These are both helpful and frequently used gestures so its much easier to do it this way than going into settings each time because you don't have to leave the app you are working in to do this.

You can go into settings and change the function of that little switch on the right side of the ipad. It can either be used to mute the ipad or to lock the screen. I use it for screen locking because I like to read in bed and this keeps the page from rotating every time I move.

Also if you hold down the right corner of one of your apps they will all start to jiggle, this means you can re-arrange them. I like to customize my dock with the most used apps that way I don't have to flip through pages looking for them. So put your top 5 Here.

and last but not least I have an IPAD tab at the top of my blog where I try to corral all things ipad. Check there for some of my other app recommendations.


Cheryl E. said...

Well these are fun! Im trying to talk my hubby into getting me an ipad and these would make it even more fun. Keep them coming!

grizaham said...

Great apps indeed!!

melissa said...

Awesome info! I've been looking for a great blogging app so I'll be checking out Blogpress.

Melissa Tabor said...

Heck yeah! There are so many of these I haven't tried out yet! Getting on it now!

Alison said...

Thanks for the ideas! I'll definitely be downloading some that you've named! One of my favorite apps is my DISH Remote Access app from my TV provider/employer DISH Network. It's kind of like your DirecTV app you mentioned but in addition to doing all that, with my Sling Adapter hooked up at home I can watch all of my subscribed programming live or recorded from my iPad anywhere I go in the world, just as long as I have a working 3G or WiFi connection. It's been really great to keep up with all my favorite TV shows and events while I'm away on business and travel. I got my Adapter for $99, but for those who act now they can practically get it for free. Check it out :)

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