Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Facetime on Your Mac!

This post is just an FYI, for all your iphone 4 and ipad 2 peeps. You can now facetime with those who have a mac. They just download ( and purchase) the facetime app for 99cents.  We facetime a lot in my family  so I am glad we can extend the devices that will accept it. It annoys me that ichat and facetime don't integrate, and it also annoys me that they charge you for the facetime app, but... it is what it is I suppose.


melissa said...

Did I tell you that B ordered me an iPad2 for my birthday? Get ready for an inbox full of questions apple guru! :) JK

I'm excited to get it and (hopefuly) learn how to use it.

Meliha said...

Cool! Was not sure how to get it going at first since I haven't bought anything from the Mac app store ... but then I got it working. Kind of cool...that was worth 99c.


Tiny Ocean said...

I seriously need to jump on this Mac Train. If you could have just one would you choose the ipad2 or the iphone4G??

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