Saturday, April 2, 2011

Consignment Scores!

It is Spring consignment sale season and one of my favorite ones was this weekend! I had a great time and found some good deals! They have them only twice a year so you gotta think ahead about sizes and needs, which can be confusing! It is also always cheaper to buy Winter stuff in the Spring ( if the sale even allows consigners to bring winter stuff)..
Anyway here are some of my favorite purchases!

 I love love love these little jackets! The left one is Columbia Reversable Fleece  and the right one is Titans for next football season! They were both marked $3 and then when I checked out they told me all prices were double on starting night. WHO DOES THAT? Still great buys regardless.
 I have been looking for the Tupperware Shape Sorter at all the sales I got to and finally found one for $2!!
 A Toy Organizing Bin for my future play room! LOL
These smocked outfits were $5 or $6 each for a total of $17...

Books! If you are expecting then you GOTTA get the Baby Gizmo book! Its awesome! I wish I had gotten it sooner! The "How to Photograph your baby " book is motivation for me to learn to use my SLR and take better peebles pics. The last book is for learning about his nutritional needs. I am really after the BEABA Babycook Book but I cant find it anywhere cheaper than $36 has anyone else seen them? Anybody wanna sell me theirs?
To get ready for our upcoming beach trip! I got the Infant Spring Float for $5 , swim shoes for $2 and Shade tent for $8 Hooray! Great buys! The Infant Spring Float would have cost double that if I bought in the store.

Here are my cleaning tools for consignment toys! That method toy spray is great for high chairs, exersaucer etc as well. The Lysol Fabric Mist I use on plush stuff, but I still wash most of his plush stuff in the machine.

So all of that stuff for less than $75!! Wowsa! It was a great Weekend!


Kelli said...

really great finds! and thank you for posting the cleaning spray pic - i haven't been able to find it at our target so now that i know the name i can ask too.

grizaham said...

There isn't any doubt... You've got skillz.

Mrs. Holder said...

Love all those finds and I love consignment sales!!

Cheryl E. said...

Great finds! I am planning on going to our kids consignment this week and hope to find some good summer stuff.

jenn said...

I can't believe that they make you pay double! What is that all about?!?!??!

The Masters said...

love the cleaning spray pic! I was wondering about that. Love the sale finds!!! I have always taken pics of my clothing finds but never by gear...and that can be the best part!! We got some great stuff here in Raleigh at our last sale and I didn't take its scattered all over the house :)

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