Friday, April 15, 2011

Beach Vacay Day 4 : The Twinsies shoot!

I would like to report that Mr. Griza's ponytail is almost long enough! He has been growing out his hair and its been in a rough in between phase but I love the way it looks in a low back ponytail! I think he may cut it for locks of love when he is done. He has BEAUTIFUL hair. God willing our son will have that same fantastic hair, cause he is not gonna get it from his momma :(

He didn't think this was fun but look at how beautiful that water was. We had the most ideal weather!
So what if we were those obnoxious momma's that bought our boys matching beach outfits...

and so what if we posed them on a surf board in the sand!

FYI: Piggles thought the sand was like  beach made entirely of puffs and open for snacking. I spent most of the time he was not on a blanket taking clumps of sand from his hand, that were in route to his open mouth.

We really had a great time! I think couple beach trips with babies is the best because you have the same routine and don't have to worry about putting anybody out. It was also fun to trade off nap times with the dads so we could get some sun and actually sit down on  the beach. I bought some Gossip Mags and sadly we never had the opportunity to read those while on the beach! Beach momma's are BUSY.
Now I shall spend my first day back unpacking and washing and such.Piggles got a cold or some big while we were away and has terrible runny nose and cough :( I am having to wash ALL of his toys and stuff so as to get everything all clean again. Hopefully he will be better this week.


Susannah said...

Ha! Erik's hair! I forgot how long it was and his affinity to the ponytail! Crazy man!

Piggles and Walker look adorbs and I love their matching outfits! And the sand eating, yeah, that's fun, right? :)

Glad y'all had fun and I hope Piggles gets over his sickies quickly!


Cary said...

The matching outfits are presh! Glad y'all had so much fun!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

They are just so stinking cute!!! And I'm jealous of your friend's beach trip. I want to go to the beach!!!

grizaham said...

Those are some GREAT pictures... Hard to believe i was at the beach yesterday! dang!

Thanks a ton to the HOLDERS for allowing us to hang!


NORTIE said...

Looks Like BIGfun kid, BIGfun!

The Masters said...

adorable! Love the outfits!
I agree...couple trips with babies are the best these days. It's crazy how busy it is but can still be so fun and entertaining. love and miss yall Annabelle wants to meet her boyfriends!!!!!

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