Monday, April 11, 2011

Beach Vacay Day 3 : Seaside

Today we took a break from the sun and went into Seaside for lunch. The atmosphere is SO cute. I used peebs Protect -A -Bub sunshade and it was great! I also used his stroller fan which was more entertaining to him than cooling. He LOVED it.

Lunch at Bud & Alleys
A string of Airstream food vendors. In my alternate life of fantasy I am  a food vendor selling snowcones from an airstream!
They had the cutest baby shops. I didn't buy anything but not because I didn't want to!

More Pool time! We waited till late afternoon to go to the pool so the sun wouldn't be too harsh, which meant momma was freezing!

This is one of those moment pics I was saying I love:
Dad made peebs into a Titans Burrito


grizaham said...

Great pics! Great day!

melissa said...

So cute! Looks like a great day! I've never been to Seaside but I've been to Rosemary Beach and loved it. I'd like to go back!

Julie Bray said...

So fun!!!! I am getting a stroller fan for sure! CANNOT wait to go to the beach!

Heather Anderson said...

Love all the beach updates! what size do you get in the vs tank? Their sizes can be funky so I will just go with what you got.

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